KIDS: Ashley's Connecticut Project

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Ashley's Connecticut Project
Ashley is a fourth grade student who attends the Forcey Christian School. She recently chose to represent Connecticut in her school's annual State Fair in May. Ashley learned all about Connecticut by collecting lots of materials and by using books, encyclopedias and the internet (ConneCT Kids!). You can see Ashley's Connecticut Project in the picture below. It looks like Connecticut got a GREAT representative in Ashley, because she reports that she received a 99% (an A+ in our book) on her project. Good work Ashley!.
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About Ashley

Ashley just celebrated her tenth birthday. She plays the flute in her school band and loves to dance and play lacrosse. She has two older brothers Josh and Jordan. She also has a silly dog named Shorty who loves to dance too!

Ashley has  type 1 diabetes. She talks about living with diabetes in  A Note From Ashley.

{Ashley with her dor Shorty}
Ashley and Shorty

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