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Guest Kid - Kristina's Web Page! {Hi}
{Fish picture}


My name is Kristina and I am in fifth grade.  My favorite things to do are skiing, rock climbing, and gymnastics.  I also like to sew and draw. In the summer, I enjoy going swimming and biking.  I am doing cross stitch right now.  My favorite types of books are mysteries. The subject I like best is math.


{Sea Horse} Some of the places I like to go in Connecticut are Quassy Amusement Park and the bike trails and museum at the White Memorial Conservation Center.  I really enjoyed visiting The Nathan Hale Homestead!  I have fun swimming at the many beaches in Connecticut. 

{School of Fish}

I learned all about Connecticut last year.  I did a project on Connecticut and and still enjoy learning more about it (That is  how I found out about this Connecticut web site.)

I learned how to write haiku poems in school last year too.  Here is one that I wrote: 


The grass is so green 
The sky is full of sunlight 
Flowers are blooming 
I hope everyone gets to enjoy the special places of Connecticut!

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