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{Derek at Granby Memorial Middle School} I go to Granby Memorial Middle School and I'm in sixth grade. I have been on the honor role for the past three quarters. I have five academic subjects: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Reading. I also have four special subjects: Home Economics, Technology, Gym, and Enrichment. My favorite subjects this year are Social Studies, Reading, Technology, Gym and Enrichment.

I like all of my teachers, but sometimes the homework is a little out of hand. I have homework every night and on weekends. My homework takes me about one to two hours. I feel, at least, we deserve weekends off from homework.

All and all, I think my school is pretty neat. I particularly like seeing all my friends. I also enjoy the variety of teachers, instead of having one teacher for six hours straight, as I did in grammar school.

For the past three years, I have participated in an after school program, MARVEL Mentor, run by Granby Youth Services. One day a week, a group of students and citizens get together and do activities such as photography, crafts, painting, homework, woodworking and games. It is a fun and exciting after school program and is time well spent.
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