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Guest Kid - Derek's Web Page! {Hobbies}

I love outdoor activities. Two of my hobbies are riding dirt bikes and playing soccer.  Dirt biking is one of my favorite things to do. I recently got a new dirt bike, a Kawasaki KX 80. I can't ride it because it needs a new motor, but my Dad and I are working on it. I will soon be riding.

Another one of my favorite things to do is to play soccer. My team, the Granby Rovers, just started practicing a week ago for the spring season. I play defense and forward. We travel all over Connecticut to play games.

{Photo of Derek in his Soccer Uniform }

{Kawasaki KX 80 Dirt Bike}


{Little Devil Picture}

Dirt Biking

Dirt Biking is one of my favorite hobbies. During the winter of 2000, I competed in an ice race and finished third.

I recently got a new dirt bike, a Kawasaki KX 80, like the one pictured above. The other picture below is of me competing in the ice race on my old dirt bike, a Honda XR 80.  I am planning to race at the Southwick Motorcross 338 track, this summer or next.

{Derek on dirt bike}
{Little Devil }

Soccer {Soccer Ball}
Soccer is another one of my hobbies. I play soccer for the Granby Rovers. The positions I usually play are defense and forward. We play both spring and fall seasons.

We just started off the spring season with a 3-1 win.  This was a friendly game, which does not count toward our record.  It was a great start.

There are two types of games: friendly and regular season games. Friendly games don't count toward our record, but our regular season games do. We compete against teams from other Connecticut towns.


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