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{Photo of Derek and Ty} In my family I have two little sisters, a mom, step dad, dad, and a step mom. One of my sisters is one year old and the other is two years old. I also have an energetic Golden Retriever named Tyrone, a.k.a. Ty.

Keira, one of my sisters, is starting to say a few words. She is always happy and loves to play. Keira turned one at the end of April. Keira is starting to get around on her own. When she would like something that is out of her reach she will crawl and try to get it.

My other little sister, Kasey, is talking, loves to ride quads, and likes dirt bikes. She just turned two at the beginning of February. Kasey loves helping my dad with little things and enjoys being outdoors. She also has been walking and running around.

My dog Ty is very energetic. He loves to run around and play. He used to be difficult to manage. Last year my grandmother and I attended dog-training classes with Ty. He graduated from the class, and is easier to handle and control.

{Little Devil Picture}

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