KIDS: Guest Kid's Page - Alyssa

Guest Kid’s Page - Alyssa {Alyssa}


My name is Alyssa, I'm 12 years old,

and I'm in 6th grade.  I play the saxophone, and piano.  My favorite activities are basketball, and drama.

I also like to dance.  In the summer, I love swimming at the pool, going to the beach, and shopping at the mall.

 Here are some of the places I like to visit in Connecticut. My favorite place for Chinese food is The Great Taste.  I like to dance at the YWCA.

Sometimes I go to the Goodspeed Opera House.


Here is a limerick I wrote for school:

There once was a young girl named Sue

Who lived her life in a canoe

With no room for a bed

She stood on her head

And would sleep the whole night through

{Canoe Sue}

{Smiley Face} Enjoy the ConneCT Kids Website!

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