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Koby's Report #8 - Finally a Bus Leaves After 7

Finally a bus leaves after 7:20.  All five of us had been at least trying to get up at 6:15 for the past four days.  It was the day of the Gujo trip where we would be meeting our home-stay hosts and staying in their house.  The bus was scheduled to leave at 8:30! Halleluiah! I got out of bed scared to death because the alarm went off at 7:30.  Then after thinking about it I realized that I had no need to worry.

I met the girls down at breakfast like we had planned. I probably ate half the food on the buffet table. I was STARVING!  I noticed that Sarah didn't eat anything. It wasn't unusual because she isn't really a morning person. She never ate much breakfast.

After everyone was finished we got up and went back upstairs to pack up our bags.  I came back down again and brought my suitcase to a corner. I sat down on the white leather couch near the elevator. I was really bored. I had about a half hour before I had to get on the bus. 

While I was sitting there staring into space Jamiee came running into the lounge area. “Koby, Koby, Koby…..” deep breath. “Sarah is sick.”  Oh great. Right when we are about to leave for a fun trip someone has to get sick.  I asked Jamiee if she had thrown up and thankfully Jamiee said no. I'm not really the kind of person who can care for a vomiting friend. It freaks me out.  Jaimee started talking really fast about how Sarah was in the bathroom crying and she hadn't had anything to eat and they couldn't find Ms. Blanchette and and and and and….  I tried to calm Jamiee down a little bit because she looked like soon she was going to make herself sick too.

 Oh boy. We ran around asking people if they had seen Ms. Blanchette. Everyone said no.  We were panicking. Sarah was in the bathroom leaning over a toilet and we had nobody to help us.  Finally we found a Russian teacher who we had become friends with over the week and she went to the bathroom to help.  Well at least there wasn't that panic feeling anymore but we still had to get Ms. Blanchette and tell her before we could put our bags on the bus. Thank God she came around the corner ten minutes before we were scheduled to leave and asked a Japanese man to hold the bus for us.  Sarah came out of the bathroom holding her stomach and moaning. Her face looked like a beet.  It was puffy and red.  She sat down on the couch and took some Pepto Bismal. I moved away from her because she didn't look too good.   I felt bad. I wanted to comfort her and help but I was starting to freak out.  After a little while she said she was feeling a little better.  We could finally get on the bus. YAY,  PEPTO BISMAL!

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