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Children's World Summit for the Environment

Koby's Report #7 - Late Morning Frustrations

On the last day of the Summit, I woke up and looked at the alarm clock and saw that it was barely past 6:15.  Good, I hadn't over slept.  My roommate, JJ also from Connecticut, walked out of the door to our hotel room.  I got out of bed and, after taking a shower, I also went down stairs to breakfast.  The night before, I had made plans to meet Jaimee, Sarah, Liz and Ms. Blanchette at the small restaurant near the elevator space for breakfast.  I went through the buffet line and sat down at a table, ate a pretty big meal and sat there for about 15 minutes waiting for the girls to come down.  After sitting there for a while, I got up to check Holiday Hall to see if they were eating with the other groups. 

On my way down, I saw Max, also from Connecticut.  We started talking in the hallway about “Greenday” and I started to forget about the girls still not being there.  At the end of our conversation, I asked if he had seen them, and he said,  “No.”  So, I kept walking down to Holiday Hall. 

At Holiday Hall, I checked our usual table to see if they had come to sit with the other Americans.  They weren't there.  I asked Smitha and her mom from Arizona and another boy from the Philippines, who I had met earlier.  Both said they had not heard from them since the night before.  By this time I was starting to get pretty frustrated.  Finally when I walked back out to the elevator space, I saw all four of the girls come out of the elevator.  I was relieved.  They all went into the restaurant and started EATING!  It was 7:25!  The bus was supposed to be leaving NOW and they still hadn't eaten breakfast.  In fact, when I asked them where they had been, they said they had just gotten out of bed.  They woofed down their breakfast and got into the line for the bus at 7:30.  Luckily the volunteers waiting outside the bus wouldn't let the last bus go until everyone had been accounted for. 

We got on the bus and sat down in the very back seats.  During the 5-minute bus ride to the Auditorium, where we had the closing ceremony, I talked to them about what had happened.  Turns out, they woke up at 7:14 when Jaimee called from one room to the other.  Jaimee had said, “You guys, it's 6:15.  We have to get up and eat breakfast.”  Some of them started to take showers when Sarah went into Ms. Blanchette and Jaimee's room and started to panic.  “Jaimee, what are you talking about!  It's 7:19!”  Everyone jumped out of the shower, got dress, painted their nails, did their hair, put on their “faces”...ha, ha, ha.... and left their hotel rooms.  Just the hair alone would have taken them 10 minutes if they hadn't been in such a hurry.  GIRLS!

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