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Children's World Summit for the Environment


Koby's Report #6 - First Day of the Summit

Working on signs for the United Nations

Today the breakfast was the usual eggs, bacon, breads and fish. Instead of eating in the Holiday Hall like we have for the last two days, I decided to try something different. There is a small restaurant near the elevator area. They serve pretty much the same food, but it is cooked a little better. I sat down to breakfast with Jaimee before Liz, Sarah or Miss Blanchette had even come down from their rooms. They came down later and ate by themselves.

At seven twenty we boarded a bus and drove to an auditorium where we heard presentations by the delegates and some by adults. I wanted to get some good ideas from them but most were on very specific problems concerning a single lake or a certain town. These problems don't show up much in the U.S. 

After the presentations there was a slight mix up in the bus dismissals and of course it was our bus they announced wrong.  The lady at the podium said that everyone on bus A and 2815 should leave. Then she said that people on B buses should leave. Once it looked like no one was leaving anymore she said, Ok so I assume everyone in A buses and B buses have left.  When she announced this our whole group jumped up.  She had said bus A and 2815 and no other A buses, but now she said we were all supposed to be gone!  The clock read three minutes after the time set for the A buses to leave! I was so scared.  We bolted out of the building and were relieved to see that our bus hadn't left without us.  We got on and sat panting in the back seats. 

Without being completely sure where we were actually going the bus began to set off.  About a half hour later, we pulled into what appeared to be a school playground.  There were two soccer nets at opposite ends of a dirt field.  The building was made of concrete and was a sandy color. Through the front door was a small room with one wall covered in racks of unicycles and another full of cubbies. There was a basket full of green slippers on the opposite end of the room.  We removed our shoes and put on the slippers. The group walked down the corridor to the home economics room at the very end.  We sat down to a lunch of tempura, sushi, tofu, red beans, and a rice filled egg roll.  It was not a very good meal. Most of us didn't finish. I think it was worse than the meals at our school. Then we went to the gym where we met a bunch of students. Apparently they don't get out for the summer.  We picked a student and sat with them.  They had a presentation about the Japanese school year. The students had a drum performance and then taught us to make origami cranes.  It was a really cool experience to watch how the kids tried to talk to us. I thought it was very interesting to watch. Even though the kids couldn't speak any English we tried to communicate with our hands. My partner explained what I was making by flapping her hands and calling, squawk, squawk!  I started laughing my head off. It was one of the best impressions of a bird that I have ever seen. Later they gave us small gifts before we left. Each gift had a box of origami flowers and an origami vase. The students had made them in art class.  By the time we were finished at the school I had become very tired, but the day was still not over.

We boarded the bus and drove to an agriculture farm. There we listened to a presentation in Japanese and walked through a rice field looking for animals. The rice field grew in about a foot of water and had a base of slimy muck. We were told to remove our shoes and walk through the rice looking for any animals we could find. I found lots of frogs and fish. About half way through I picked up a leech in my net.  After that I decided I didn't want to walk in the water anymore. I finished looking for animals from the edge of the field.  I only fell in once and got the bottom half of my leg from the ankle down completely covered in slimy muck.  It was absolutely disgusting.  Everybody but me thought it was hilarious.  When the workshop was over, we washed our feet at a nearby gas station and got on the bus to drive back to the hotel.  This was the most fun workshop in which I have participated during either of the environmental conferences I have attended.  I had a blast!

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