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Koby's Report #2 - The First Morning in Japan {S.O.A.P. group in Tokyo}

 On our first morning in Japan the five of us slept in until 9:00 as we were adapting to the time change. After gathering our necessities for the day, we headed down to find some breakfast. We found the streets of Tokyo similar to those of New York City: horns blaring, the smell of car exhaust and crowds of people in transit on foot.  Everyone was in a hurry. Most were dressed in office clothes and some in restaurant uniforms. Very few were dressed casually and those who were consisted of kids and teens out on summer vacation or out of school for the weekend.

The first place we spotted that seemed to have reasonable food and prices was a small shop with a bright green sign above that read Mos Burger. Large plates of plastic food sat outside the door on tables with small signs that showed their names. This seemed to be some sort of visual menu that later showed up in many other restaurants. We brought the cashier to the front of the restaurant so we could order our food by pointing to what we wanted. We all ordered different breakfast burgers and milk shakes. Our food was brought out to us and we all tried to say thank you in Japanese, "arigato!" ; which the waiter didn't seem to understand. He just grinned and walked away. The five of us inhaled our breakfast and left the restaurant.

{S.O.A.P. group at Tokyo store}

On the street we spotted a small alleyway with little shops and restaurants scattered around its edges.  It seemed to be an interesting place, so we walked through.  Again we saw windows full of plates of plastic food. While walking we discussed what we felt like doing for the day. We finally agreed to starting our adventure with a walk to the Imperial Palace and gardens.  Miss. Blanchette said it would be a long walk, but everyone seemed to be up to it.


{Koby with Japanese money and sword} After walking down several streets and through a small park, we could see the outskirts of the Imperial Palace. Walking around the palace moat towards the entrance seemed as if it were a mile and a half away.  As we were walking along the moat, we began to see moving figures following our path along the edge of the water. We stopped to take a look and realized that they were giant fish!  Some were almost three feet long and had gaping mouths that seemed to just be begging for food.  We didn't feed them because there was a sign which prohibited feeding the large aquatic creatures; possibly in an effort to control their growth. but they were still fun to look at. some were grey, some were neon orange, and some were black and white.  

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