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Children's World Summit for the Environment


Koby's Report #11 - Commitments and petitions for the Summit

Over the four days at the summit we joined with action groups to come up with commitments and petitions for the days subject.  A commitment is what we promise to do as individuals and a petition is what we would like others to do, like the government or large groups of people. At the end of the summit the junior board members combined all of our ideas to create the list you see below.


 We commit ourselves to:

1) Saving energy and using renewable energy sources;

2) Planting 10 trees every month and boycotting all endangered animal products;

3) Learning and sharing innovative ways to collect, conserve and reuse water wisely;

4) Using environmentally friendly bags, and separating all kinds of waste for recycling and processing to ensure minimization of landfill waste.



 We, the children of the 2005 World Summit for the Environment in Aichi, Japan, challenge the world leaders and people all over the world to protect and preserve our environment for the next generation. We want you leaders, children and adults from all over the world to respect and recognize that the environment is our most important asset

 We must develop better ways to conserve energy, as various sources are diminishing and we must turn to renewable energy. Energy is essential for many things in our daily life, for example, lighting cooking and technology. The earth used to be abundant with many diverse forms of life, but this will not hold true for long, as right now, deforestation and other causes are resulting in over 150 species to become extinct every day, so we must protect the biodiversity of our earth.

 Water is our most precious resource, and without it, there's no life. If we keep wasting and polluting it, our lifestyle will be changed drastically until we will no longer be able to survive. The earth's resources are simply unable to deal with our current consumption rate. Recycling is imperative, as many materials that could be reused are being dumped in landfills. It reduces waste, so we can benefit from the resources again.

 Therefore, we request leaders throughout the world to take the following actions to change our world into a better place:

 1) Create and enforce laws that improve efficiency and safety in production, consumption and conserving of energy;

2) Educate and involve people in reforestation activities, and ensure the sustainable management and protection of our forests and other habitats;

3) Protect the quality and quantity of our water resources in order to ensure access to clean water and sanitation for all;

4) Enable innovation in materials, processes, facilities and products that create and improve recyclability

5) We believe you should lead by example and as such, we petition leaders to implement and enforce these measures. 

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