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 Koby's Report #1 - Flight to Japan

A 4 am wake up, an 11 hour plane flight, and a 13 hour time change: Sounds like fun, right?This is what the 5 Soap Suds have endured over the past two days. 

On Thursday, July 21st at 9:30 am, we began our journey from Bradley International Airport {S.O.A.P. Group at airport with passport pictures.} in Hartford, CT to Japan.  After a 2.5 hour flight we transferred planes in Chicago there we boarded a gigantic Boeing 747 headed for Tokyo.  This aircraft had two decks where passengers were seated.  First class was seated in the bottom front and top floors.  They were accommodated with fold out desks and could transform their seats into beds.  Business class was seated behind the first class passengers towards the middle of the plane.  They had large seats and flexible reading lamps.  Behind them was the coach class.  This is where we sat. 

{S.O.A.P. at airport.} On the way to Tokyo, a total of 5 movies were shown:  “Hitch”, “Fever Pitch”, “Million Dollar Baby”, and then “Hitch” and “Fever Pitch” again.  Headphones were provided and could be plugged in to the armrest of our seats.  There were also two meals provided during the trip.  Both were a choice between chicken teriyaki and beef teriyaki. 

{S.O.A.P. arrivng in Japan.} After 11 hours of sitting and occasionally standing to stretch our legs we arrived at theJapan airport.  There we climbed down the staircase off the plane and went through the doors into the terminal.  We boarded a limousine bus outside the terminal and set off for the Shiba Park Hotel.  Our adventure had just begun.

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