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Children's World Summit for the Environment
The S.O.A.P. Group {The S.O.A.P Group}
When Koby Nelson traveled to Japan to attend the 2005 Children's World Summit for the Environment, he was accompanied by three other students and a chaperone who are all part of the Students Organized Against Pollution group. Let's meet them
Karen Blanchette (S.O.A.P. Group Chaperone)
   {Karen Blanchette}
Karen was born in Hartford, Connecticut and is the eldest of four children. She attended Miss. Porter’s School in Farmington, Connecticut (’94) and continued her education at the University of Connecticut. While in college, she played Division I Lacrosse and pursued independent studies focused on children with autism. She graduated with honors in 1999 with a Masters in Special Education. Karen has traveled extensively throughout the world, taught children with Autism, counseled girls at an outdoor wilderness therapy school and for the past three years has worked as a special education and team teacher at ISAAC School in New London, Connecticut. In addition to her teaching responsibilities at ISAAC, Karen has assisted the S.O.A.P. group and helped to coordinate the Southeastern Connecticut Middle School Summit program. Karen has also participated in Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound (ELOB) 
Lizbeth Myers-Meadows
   {Lizbeth Myers}
Lizbeth is a 14-year-old Fisher's Island High School student who was born in New London, CT.  She recently graduated from ISAAC where she participated in the Students Organized Against Pollution (S.O.A.P) club and Swing Choir. In addition, she was a costume and make-up design artist for two of ISAAC’s student-produced operas.  In karate, Lizbeth is an orange-belt with two green stripes. She enjoys learning odd facts, gardening, reading, writing and drawing. She is interested in horses and environmental issues, specifically protecting wildlife in their natural habitat.  At the Children’s World Summit for the Environment in Japan,  Lizbeth hopes to learn more about environmental projects that she could implement in her community. Next year, she hopes become involved in, or possibly start,  a student-organized group focused on environmental issues at Fisher’s Island High School.
Koby Nelson
   {Koby Nelson}
Koby  is  a 13 year  old  ISAAC  middle school   student  who was born  in New  London, CT.  He is interested  in  ways  to  solve air pollution such as designing  alternative fuel vehicles.  He enjoys learning about different cultures,  studying  foreign  languages  and traveling.  In his spare time he enjoys drawing and writing.  A painting  of  his,  named  “Every Drop Counts”, won  first  place in  an   Earth   Day   contest.  He  also won  an   honorable   mention  in  a  dinosaur  art contest  at the Oklahoma  Museum  of  Natural History in Norman, Oklahoma where  his  painting  was  chosen to display  for a  year.   He  has  had two  poems  published  by  the Connecticut  Writer Guild. He was a reporter for the   ConneCT Kids at the 2004 International Children’s conference for the Environment held in New London, CT. He will again report for ConneCT Kids during the 2005 Children's World Summit for the Environment held in Aichi, Japan. He also enjoys playing the piano, plays in a bell choir at his church and is a member of a roller blade hockey team.
Sarah Szirbik
   {Sarah Szirbik}
Sarah is a 13 year old ISAAC middle school student who was born in Norwich, CT and has lived in three different towns during her life.  She is interested in helping the environment in anyway she can, especially air and water pollution.  Sarah enjoys going anywhere that she can be around animals.  She enjoys studying art and learning about different religions and languages.  For the past four years Sarah has participated in the CROP Walk to raise money for third-world countries at her church and she is right up with top fundraisers. She also is on a competition gymnastics team in Clinton, CT.  She is a level 5gymnast. For the past two years she has qualified for the State Championships. On May 21 of this year she became the CT State Balance Beam Champion.  During the school year she helps teach gymnastics to kids from 5 to 10 years old. Sarah also enjoys doing Goshin Kempo Jujutsu Karate where she holds a purple belt.
Jaimee Tompkins
   {Jaimee Tompkins}
Jaimee is a 14-year-old graduate of the ISAAC Middle School and will be attending the Science & Technology Magnet School in New London this fall, where she will be concentrating on one of her favorite topics: environmental science.  Jaimee was born and raised in New London, CT. She presently resides with her parents and brother, Henry.  At ISAAC, she started an environmental group, which is called S.O.A.P. (Students Organized Against Pollution).  In 2004, she attended the 2004 Children’s Conference on the Environment at Connecticut College and was runner up for the North America’s Junior Board Representative at the Children’s World Summit on the Environment, which she will be attending in Aichi, Japan. Jaimee was also a rotary student of the year while she attended Solomon Schecter Academy.

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