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Connecticut Dinosaur Trail

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Do you and your family love dinosaurs and everything prehistoric?

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Well, you are lucky to live in Connecticut, because Connecticut has the Connecticut Dinosaur Trial, a joint effort of five of the state’s major tourist attractions that feature dinosaurs.  Participants include the Connecticut Science Center, Dinosaur State Park, The Dinosaur Place at Nature’s Art Village, Lake Compounce, and the Yale Peabody Museum.. 
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Each unique attraction offers exhibits and programs about dinosaurs and paleontology that draw on the rich history of dinosaur research and fossil discovery in the Connecticut Valley.

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Some outdoor trails and rides may not be fully accessible. Parents should contact the attraction for specific information.

Connecticut Dino Trail website -

Connecticut Science Center Directions;

Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art Village Directions:

Yale Peabody Museum Directions:

Connecticut Science Center - Phone: (860) 724-3623; Website:

Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art Village - Phone: 860-443-4367; Website:

Dinosaur State Park - Phone:860-529-5816; Website:

Lake Compounce - Phone:860-583-3300; Website:

Yale Peabody Museum - Phone:  (203) 432-8987; Website:

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