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Diswell Children's Arts Festival - 2012
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The 4th Annual Dixwell Children's Arts Festival will be held from 9-4 on July 27th and 9-5 on July 28th at the Wexler Grant Track and Field, 50 Foote St.
Founded by Deborah McDuff Williams, the festival also had as its original planning members: Dr. Thom Brown, co-chair, Leta Highsmith, Jan Pettie, Dr. Charles Warner, Sam and Patty Foster, Nubia Williams, and the late Dr. Regina Warner, according to a statement.
"The goal is to expose K-12 students and families to career paths through the arts," the statement said. "Participation from businesses, corporations, arts professionals, community leaders, and volunteers are welcome."
Some of this years’ activities include floral designing by the Morris Cove Garden Club, Eli Whitney Museum, Bicycle repair, Jessica Carl’s Dixwell Idol, quilting, soccer, Scott Brown’s cooking from the garden, poetry slams, zumba, free Colgate dental screening provided by Links, face painting, Carebear knitting, painting, cartooning, fashion, health awareness workshops, and entertainment is being provided by Kirkland and Williams. The activities are free of charge.

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