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Connecticut Science Center Events and Exhibits -  2019
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Sensory Friendly Day
Tuesday, March 12, 10AM-5PM
We want everyone to be able to enjoy the Science Center. That’s why we are lowering the volume and dimming the lights for our friends with sensory disabilities. All who will benefit from a quieter environment are invited as our special guests for the day! All visitors will get the fun of the Connecticut Science Center plus tons of great activities and LIVE Science Demonstrations without the usual loud sounds and bright lights.
Sensory Friendly Day is presented by the Miracle League of Connecticut. Tickets are $14 online, in advance or $16.95 at the door (1:1 aides are always free). For more information, contact Group Sales Account Manager Brit Montmeat at
or call (860) 520-2112.

Vacation Exploration Camps
These popular day camps for ages 6-12 feature a different science theme each day. Hands-on activities will keep campers smiling and engaged with projects, experiments, games, and supervised time in our amazing galleries. Experienced STEM Educators and caring staff make sure that campers get a one-of-a-kind experience that will make their school vacation memorable and fun!
We offer Day Camps during school vacation as well as week-long programs in the summer. Each camp's theme helps develop science concepts, guiding campers to a greater understanding of science material and its application to the real world. Kids can explore a different science theme at each camp!
Registration Fees are $62 per day for Science Center members and corporate members; $65 per day for employees of businesses in downtown Hartford and $68 per day for non-members. Drop off is 8 AM- 8:45AM and pick up is at 4PM. After care is available for an additional fee. Register online at

April Vacation Exploration Camps

Monday, April 8: Lights, Camera, Coding!
The lights dim, the soft melody begins to play, and the camera starts to roll. The LEDs start to blink in the rhythm with magical colors bringing your idea to life. Become the director of your own masterpiece by designing, planning, and coding your performance. 
Tuesday, April 9: Brain Games
Did you know that your brain weighs only three pounds yet it can control your whole body, sends signals at over 250 miles per hour, and can process images in as little as 12 milliseconds?  Let's explore some of the connections between your mind, body, and brain. Together we will explore how your brain collects and stores information, discover how muscle memory plays a role in our everyday life, and use our imagination to create optical illusions that will baffle and bewilder!
Wednesday, April 10: Wild Amazon
We’re going wild here at camp!  Join us on an expedition to the Amazon rainforest filled with beautiful butterflies, unique plants and more.  Discover the evolution of a tropical species and delve into the most biologically diverse place on Earth. Do you have what it takes to unveil the secrets of the Amazon?
Thursday, April 11: Survive on Mars
Mission Control!? Mission Control, do you hear us!?  Prepare yourself for a cosmic journey across the Red Planet.  Marvel at real Martian vistas photographed by NASA rovers, hunt for samples from alien deserts, and discover what it takes to survive on this strange new world.  Start suiting up, astronauts!
Friday, April 12: Science Center Speedway

Do you have a need for speed? Get ready to burn some rubber at the Science Center Speedway. Explore the ways engineers design safer racetracks and create solutions to slow down runaway cars. Take the checkered flag as you speed to victory, uncover the science of speed and hone your reaction time. We will see you in the winner’s circle!

Most activities will be included in the Cost of General Admission or Connecticut Science Center Membership. All information can be found on our website at

Daily Movie Schedule Now Playing in the Hoffman Foundation Science Theater
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Immerse yourself in an unforgettable 3D film experience featuring the most advanced digital and audio technologies. Or settle in for one of our LIVE stage shows where science literally comes to life. Stadium seating ensures there isn't a bad seat in the house and the 3D action springs to life on our 30'x40' giant screen with 18,000-watt Dolby® sound system and 3D glasses that provide the absolute best cinema experience – sharper and brighter than anything you've witnessed before. You may honestly forget you're sitting in a theater.. Visit for more. 

Movie Schedule

Tuesday–Friday Now Playing

1:00PM Turtle Odyssey (3D) 40 Mins All Ages
2:00PM Amazon Adventure (3D) 40 Mins All Ages
3:00PM Turtle Odyssey (3D) 40 Mins All Ages

Saturday–Sunday & Holidays Now Playing

11:00AM Turtle Odyssey (3D) 40 Mins All Ages
12:00PM Amazon Adventure (3D) 40 Mins All Ages
1:00PM Turtle Odyssey (3D) 40 Mins All Ages
2:00PM Amazon Adventure (3D) 40 Mins All Ages
3:00PM Turtle Odyssey (3D) 40 Mins All Ages
4:00PM Amazon Adventure (3D) 40 Mins All Ages

Turtle Odyssey explores the unique lifecycle of an Australian green sea turtle named Bunji and her incredible journey across the open ocean. The film follows Bunji the green sea turtle from a hatchling into adulthood as she swims thousands of miles, meets incredible creatures and has some really wild encounters. She will eventually migrate, with mysterious precision, back to the very beach where she was born – to lay her own eggs that are the foundation of the next generation.

Amazon Adventure tells the epic, true story of explorer Henry Bates’ fascinating 11-year journey through the visually stunning and biodiverse Amazon rainforest as a young man who risks his life for science in the 1850’s. Audiences will experience the compelling clues Bates unearths in his major discovery of the phenomenon of mimicry, whereby certain animals adopt the look of others that helps them deceive predators and gain an advantage to survive.

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The Connecticut Science Center, opening June 12 in downtown Hartford, will spark creative imagination and an appreciation for science by immersing visitors in fun and educational hands-on, minds-on interactive experiences.  Visitors will experience over 150 exhibits in ten galleries and a range of topics, including space and earth sciences, physical sciences, biology, the Connecticut River watershed, Connecticut inventors and innovations, a children’s gallery, and much more.  Other visitor amenities include four educational labs, a 200-seat 3D digital cinema, function room, gift store and café, and ongoing events and lectures for all ages. The Science Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing science education throughout the state of Connecticut, providing learning opportunities for students and adults of all ages, and engaging the community in scientific exploration. Information at

The Science Center is completely wheelchair accessible.  Students taking part in the summer camps will be moving through different areas of the Science Center.  The theater is equipped with a system for the hearing impaired.  In most instances they are able to provide one-on-one assistance when needed.
You’ve got plenty of ways to get here, including several public transit options that can lower your carbon footprint. For those who love the thrill of driving, the Connecticut Science Center is located at the corner of Columbus Boulevard and Grove Street, with easy access from I-84 and I-91.
Our street address is:
250 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT, 06103.
Hartford has ample parking!  An on-site parking garage is available, located at the corner of Grove St. and Columbus Blvd. We suggest visitors to the Science Center have an alternate parking plan in mind, especially during summer weekdays and school vacations.
From the East
Take I-84 heading west into Hartford. Merge onto Route 2 west via EXIT 54 on the LEFT toward DOWNTOWN HARTFORD (0.6 mi). Route 2 becomes FOUNDERS BRIDGE (0.2 mi). FOUNDERS BRIDGE becomes STATE ST (0.1 mi). Turn LEFT onto COLUMBUS BLVD (0.1 mi). The Connecticut Science Center is on the left
From the WEST
Take I-84 heading east into Hartford. Merge onto I-91 S via EXIT 52 toward NEW HAVEN (0.6 mi). Take EXIT 29A toward CAPITOL AREA (0.2 mi). Merge onto WHITEHEAD HWY (0.1 mi). Take the COLUMBUS BLVD exit (0.1 mi). Turn RIGHT onto COLUMBUS BLVD (0.2 mi). The Connecticut Science Center is on the right
From the NORTH
Take I-91 heading south into HARTFORD. Take EXIT 29A toward CAPITOL AREA (0.2 mi). Merge onto WHITEHEAD HWY (0.1 mi). Take the COLUMBUS BLVD exit (0.1 mi). Turn RIGHT onto COLUMBUS BLVD (0.2 mi). The Connecticut Science Center is on the right
From the SOUTH
Take I-91 heading north into HARTFORD. Take EXIT 29A on the LEFT toward CAPITOL AREA (0.3 mi). Merge onto WHITEHEAD HWY (0.1 mi). Take the COLUMBUS BLVD exit (0.1 mi). Turn RIGHT onto COLUMBUS BLVD (0.2 mi). The Connecticut Science Center is on the right

Be Green and leave the driving to someone else!
  • The Star Shuttle: has stops throughout downtown Hartford and is FREE. It operates every 12 minutes, Monday through Friday from 7AM – 11PM, and Saturday from 3PM – 11PM. Check out our parking options for details.
  • Car pool and use the HOV lanes: I-91 north of Hartford has two HOV lanes, one in each direction, and I-84 east of Hartford has two HOV lanes, one in each direction.
  • CT Transit bus service: For less than $2 per person, there are many bus stops in the area of Main Street & Central Row - all just a short walk to the Science Center.
  • Commuter Bus Park & Ride: Park your car in your hometown lot for free and let a professional driver from the CT Transit Company bring you into Hartford.
  • Amtrak train: Park your car for free at the Connecticut train stations in Windsor, Windsor Locks, or Berlin and ride the rails into Hartford.
Phone: 1-860-724-3623
Mailing Address: 250 Columbus Blvd., Hartford, CT 06103
Images and descriptions on this page are used by permission of the Connecticut Science Center, and are protected under United States Copyright Laws. For information, contact the Connecticut Science Center.

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