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Connecticut is a state rich in water resources.  Our citizens, and public and private entities, need information about Connecticut's water bodies for water and land resource management, economic development, health and safety, emergency management planning and response, transportation, and recreation.

The mission of the Hydrography Framework Data Subcommittee is to promote the use, exchange, and improvement of a common baseline of hydrography spatial data which names, describes, locates, and connects the network of rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, marshes, and coastal waters of Connecticut.


  • Publicize the availability of existing statewide hydrography data;
  • Review existing hydrography data for accuracy, currency and completeness;
  • Identify stakeholder requirements for and uses of hydrography data;
  • Identify and prioritize improvements to the hydrography data in response to stakeholder requirements;
  • Develop a plan for maintaining and distributing hydrography data to the public; and 
  • Provide recommendations to the Connecticut Geospatial Information Systems Council for improvements to and maintenance of the hydrography framework data.

Any input or comments on these initiatives would be greatly appreciated and may be directed to:

Howie Sternberg, Chairperson
Telephone # 860-424-3540


Subcommittee Membership:        

Elizabeth Ahearn, USGS    Amanda Freitas, DOT
Mary Becker, DEP  Bill Gerrish, DEP 
Lynn Bjorklund, USGS  Kevin O'Brien, DEP 
Cary Chadwick, UConn  Howie Sternberg, DEP
Michael Hogan, DOT  Walter Tokarz, DEP 
Corinne Fitting, DEP  Carl Zimmerman, DEP 
Kristin Frank, DOA   

Connecticut Hydrography Facts:


There are approximately 8,000 miles of watercourses in Connecticut;
There are approximately 6,500 mile of shoreline in Connecticut;
The approximate length of the tidal shoreline in Connecticut is 618 miles;
There are approximately 19,500 reservoirs, lakes, and ponds in Connecticut; and
State defined wetlands encompass approximately 16% of Connecticut.

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