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To inventory and assess all data related to the various modes of transportation in Connecticut  developing plans, standards, and technical implementation guidance for the Transportation Framework Data Layer through coordination with all interested parties at the state, regional, and local governments levels, and public.


  • Develop data standards and identify appropriate standards-based data schema;

  • Develop plans that include the following:
    • inventory of existing data,

    • stakeholder requirements,             {transmap}
    • data stewards,         
    • costs,                                                   
    • work flow,               
    • data transfer mechanisms,
    • update frequency, and
    • maintenance frequency. 
  • Refine and maintain plans as necessary; and

  • Develop metrics and review status of framework data implementation as input to the annual report published by the GIS Council.

Current Activities:

During 2009, the Transportation Subcommittee continued its oversight of the New Road Centerline and Road Network Development efforts being done at the Department of Transportation (DOT) where a significant majority of the interstates have been completed.  This new road network will contain all levels of roadways, be fully addressed, and will have full routing capabilities inclusive of restrictions.  This effort will coordinate with the Connecticut DOT's efforts which are already underway in development and production.  Staff has been working to add the State and US Roadways, along with the major upper functional classified local roadways, all toward meeting a set deadline for the DOT's submittal of the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) to FHWA at the end of June 2010.

The Subcommittee will continue to focus on developing a set of Transportation data standards recommendations to the GIS Council (CGISC).

Any input or comment on these initiatives would be greatly appreciated and can be directed to:

James R. Spencer, DOT, Chairperson
Telephone # 860-594-2014

Subcommittee Membership:

Julie Annino, DOT  Stephen Lowrey, Town of Tolland 
Bob Bruno, DOT  Bryan Pavlik, DPS 
Dan Czaja, DPS  William Pratt, DOT 
Eric Glover, DOT  David Raby, DOT 
Rick Hanley, DOT  Erik Snowden, CRCOG 
Matthew Kelly, DOT  Alan Stevens, DOT 
Yure Kuljis, DOT  James Stutz, DOT 
Patrick Ladd, Town of Meriden            

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