GIS: Land Use and Land Cover

  • Inventory all existing land cover and land use dataset for Connecticut, including historic data;

  • Develop methods and standards for effectively managing and distributing existing datasets and to plan for future data creation;

  • Catalyze coordination with other key data themes including base imagery acquisition for land cover updates and parcel/cadastral data for land use mapping;

  • To develop relationships with the public as well as all interested parties at the  government level to share geospatial information.

Current Activities:

During the first half of 2008, the Land Use and Land Cover Subcommittee has been working on a draft business plan and will focus on developing a set of data standards and methodologies to recommend to the State Geospatial Information Systems Council (CGISC).  Specifically, the subcommittee will work to identify the disparate land use datasets that exist for regions or towns around Connecticut and work to identify a set of standards for future land use data creation.  Existing efforts at statewide land cover data creation will be folded into the plan for ensuring periodic updates of statewide land cover data.
Any input or comment on these initiatives would be greatly appreciated and can be directed to:
James Hurd, UConn, Chairperson
Telephone # 860-486-4610
Subcommittee Membership:
Dan Civco, UConn         Howie Sternberg, DEP
Tyler Kleykamp, OPM Emily Wilson, UConn 
Erik Snowden, CRCOG   

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