GIS: Elevation and Bathymetry

Elevation and Bathymetry Framework Data Subcommittee
CGISC Data Inventory and Assessment Working Group

To develop and share methods for effectively managing the inventory, collection,
maintenance, distribution, and general planning for elevation and bathymetric data for
the State of Connecticut with all interested parties.


  • Review status of framework data implementation as input to the annual
    report published by the Connecticut Geographic Information Systems
    Council (CGISC);
  • Provide updates and information to the CT Geospatial community regarding data and/or activities related to Elevation or Bathymetry;
  • Develop basic data standards for future data collection efforts;
  • Develop strategic plans to address the following:
    • inventory of existing data,
    • stakeholder requirements,
    • data stewards,
    • costs,
    • work flow,
    • data storage and distribution mechanisms,
    • update methods/frequency,
    • maintenance methods/frequency,
    • identifying potential partnerships/cost sharing opportunities, and
    • identifying potential funding sources; and
  • Refine and maintain plans and standards as necessary. 

Current Goals:

The ongoing goals for the Subcommittee are as follows:

  • Revise the current draft standards and planning documents as needed based
    on new information and data;

  • Reassess data inventories to reflect new data; and

  • Monitor, and where necessary, report and provide input and feedback to the process of
    elevation data as part of the USGS American Recovery and
    Reinvestments Act (ARRA) National Map program.
Any input or comment on these initiatives would be greatly appreciated and can
be directed to:

Kevin O'Brien, DEP, Chairperson
Telephone# 860-424-3432

Subcommittee Membership:

Capt. Mik Alfultis, USCGA         Kevin O'Brien, DEP
Bob Baron, DOT Howie Sternberg, DEP
Beth Doran, DEP
Lin Neifert, USGS
Tom Trombley, USGS
Dr. Roman Zajac, UNH

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