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Cadastral Framework Data Subcommittee
CGISC Data Inventory and Assessment Working Group

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To inventory and assess all data related to parcels, tax maps, and assessor information in Connecticut as well as develop plans, standards, and technical
implementation guidance
for the Cadastral Framework Data Layer through the
development of relationships with the public as well as all interested parties at
the government level while sharing geospatial information.


  • Develop data standards and identify appropriate standards-based data model;

  • Develop plans that include the following:   
    • inventory of existing data;
    • stakeholder requirements;
    • data stewards;
    • costs;
    • work flow;
    • data transfer mechanisms;
    • update frequency; and
    • maintenance frequency;

  • Refine and maintain plans as necessary; and
  • Develop metrics and review status of framework data implementation as input
    to the annual report published by the GIS Council.


Current Activities:

The Board of Examiners for Surveyors has ruled that the submission to municipalities of digital copies (i.e. vector lines) of parcel maps and as-built information is to be prohibited.  The Cadastral subcommittee met with the Board in November 2010 to ask for a change in this ruling but the Board was unmoved.  The Board did say, however, that they are reviewing the option of allowing surveyors and engineers to include a digital signature on electronic drawings.

The Cadastral Subcommittee also has a number of parcel production standards available for developing a parcel dataset.  These draft documents "can be reviewed here"

Mark Goetz, GISP Chairperson
Greater Bridgeport Regional Council
525 Water Street, Suit 1
Briidgeport, CT 06604
Telephone # 203-360-5405 x 24

Subcommittee Membership:

Lawrence Baril, Town of Avon      John Hangen, City of Milford 
Jeff Bolton, DPW      Tyler Kleykamp, OPM 
Becky Cutler, DPW       Patrick Ladd, Town of Meriden 
Dan Czaja, DPS       Stephen Lowrey, Town of Tolland     
John Durling, DOT       Erik Snowden, CRCOG 
Melinda Fonda, Town of Stratford      Margot Burns, CT River Estuary RPA
Andy Tupper, CALS 

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