GIS: Base Map Imagery(Ortho,Oblique, Satellite, and Scanned Imagery

Base Map Imagery (Ortho, Oblique, Satellite, and Scanned Imagery)
Framework Data Subcommittee
CGISC Data Inventory and Assessment Working Group

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  • To inventory and link all Imagery data related to the various needs of Connecticut;

  • To develop plans, standards, and technical implementation guidance for the
    Imagery Base Map Framework Data Layer; and

  • To develop relationships with the public as well as all interested parties at the  government level to share geospatial information.


  • Develop data standards and identify appropriate standards-based data schema;

  • Develop plans that include the following:

    • Inventory of existing data;
    • Stakeholder requirements;
    • Data Stewards;
    • Costs;
    • Work flow;
    • Data transfer mechanisms; and
    • Maintenance frequency;

  • Refine and maintain plans as necessary; and

  • Develop metrics and review status of framework data implementation as input to
    the annual report published by the GIS Council (CGISC).

Current Activities:

Currently a complete up-to-date orthoimagery dataset is not available for Connecticut.  The most current dataset accessible from Connecticut's orthophoto program is the flight done in 2004.  This imagery was done at 1:200' scale (+- 5 spatial accuracy), uncolored balanced, black and white images, with 0.8' pixel resolution.

A need exists to determine whether a buy-in from individual towns is possible to increase the accuracy in their local area or, to purchase additional datasets.  Another inquiry is whether additional funding for the program would be available from commercial businesses who are interested in the images.  At the very least, a legislative ruling must be accomplished to ensure the funding needed to implement a scheduled state wide orthophotography program.

Regional Incentives: As part of the Regional Performance Incentive Program, which is administered by the Office of Policy and Management (OPM), the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) has been awarded $357,000 for GIS Flight and Mapping Data.  For more information, please visit the CRCOG Website at: and follow the link to "What's New".

Any input or comment on these initiatives would be greatly appreciated and can be directed to:

Scott Roberts, (Chair)

Director of IT, Town of South Windsor
South Windsor Town Hall
1540 Sullivan Avenue
South Windsor, CT 06074
Tele # 860-644-2511, Ext # 288


Dawn M. Mulholland (co-chair)

Town of South Windsor

1540 Sullivan Avenue

South Windsor, CT 06074

Phone:860-644-2511 x 218



Subcommittee Membership:

 Aaron Nash, Town of Vernon  Kevin Berger, Town of Manchester
 Lynn Bjorklund, USGS   Erik Snowden, CRCOG
 Bryan Pavlik, DPS-OSET  Mark Goetz, NECOG
 Liz DeNardis, Town of Manchester  Howie Sternberg, DEP 
 Bernard Asimonye, DAS-BEST  Dawn Mulholland, Town of  South Windsor

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