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Addressing Framework Data Subcommittee
CGISC Data Inventory and Assessment Working Group

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Current Activites:
A draft business plan has been developed for the implementation of the Address theme.  This plan proposes a draft address geodatabase model and a plan for the collection of address data.  The plan also proposes procedures for the maintenance and distribution of this data.  In addition, a pilot address geodatabase model is currently being developed by DPS-OSET to facilitate collection and storage of address information.  An addressing guideline will be developed by the State to assist municipalities in the process of assigning addresses including street naming and numbering, unit identification, address ranges, and rules to follow for common addressing issues.
Any input or comments on these initiatives would be greatly appreciated and may be directed to:
Dan Czaja, DPS, Chairperson
Telephone # 860-685-8131
This contact information can also be used to add your email address to the Addressing Framework Data Subcommittee email distribution list.  Please be advised that the emails sent out to the email distribution list sometimes include attachments.
Subcommittee Membership:
Steve Biancardi, Hartford Police Dept Aaron Nash, Town of Vernon 
John Don Francisco, QVEC  Drew O'Connor, Rocky Hill Police Dept
Brett Flodine, City of Hartford  Bryan Pavlik, DPS 
Eric Glover, DOT  Vince Piti, US Census Bureau 
Frank Kiernan, Meriden PSAP  Donna Ralston, Town of East Hampton 
Steve Lowrey, Town of Tolland  Scott Roberts, Town of South Windsor
Dawn Mulholland, Town of South Windsor   Michael Winters, Cheshire PSAP 

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