GIS: CGISC Business and Strategic Plan


  • State of Connecticut GIS Business Plan: Outlines the strategic goals and vision for implementing the technology in a statewide program for the many stakeholders of Connecticut including state, regional and local government agencies, utilities and private citizens.
  • State of Connecticut GIS Strategic Plan: The State of Connecticut has a long history with the use of geospatial technology and has made significant investments in GIS data and infrastructure. Numerous state and local government agencies generate a rich collection of geospatial data which is used in a variety of map making, analysis and web viewing applications.
  • Connecticut Framework Data Themes Final Report: Prepared by the Data Inventory and Assessment Working Group. The mission of this group is to identify framework datasets for Connecticut, establish individual subcommittees tasked to evaluate, document and provide recommendations for each framework dataset, and to establish policies, standards and general procedures for the submission, evaluation, maintenance, on-line access, and dissemination of all geospatial data within the purview of the Council.

  • NSGIC Overview: National States Geographic Information Council

  • Ramona Overview: Ramona is a GIS Inventory System that is produced by the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC).

  • Gems Overview: State of Connecticut Geographic Emergency Management System.

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