GIS: Minutes April 25, 2007

{State of CT Geospatial Information Systems Council}

GIS Council Meeting

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Department of Information Technology




The April 25, 2007 GIS Council Meeting minutes are not official or binding until acceptance by the GIS Council at the next scheduled meeting, May 23, 2007. 


Members Present

Diane Wallace, DOIT

Mike Varney, DOIT

Richard Gallacher, Town of Manchester

Skip Thomas, DEMHS

Erik Snowden, Regional Planning (CRCOG)

George Pohorilak, DPS

Tony Andosca, CSU

Bill Palomba, DPUC

Jerry Iwan, DPH

Dan Morley, OPM

Stephen Lowrey, Town of Tolland

Patrick Ladd, Town of West Hartford

Steve Fish, DEP

Stuart Fitzgerald, DECD

Raymond Philbrick, DPW


Members Absent

Andy Asaro, DOT

Dennis Barry, DSS

Sandy Prisloe, UConn

Scott Roberts, Town of South Windsor

LTC Gerald Luwkowski, Military

Derek Phelps, Siting Council

Wayne Kasacek, DOA


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 3 p.m. by Chairwoman Wallace. 


Review of March 28th Minutes

Chairwoman Wallace called for a motion to accept the March 28, 2007 GIS Council meeting minutes.  Chairwoman Wallace asked for discussion, no discussion ensued. Council Member Thomas motioned to accept; Council Member Pohorilak seconded.  All in favor - none opposed.  Motion carried. 


Legal and Security Working Group

As a follow-up on last month meeting where there was discussion on GIS legislation, Legal and Security group Chair Brenda Bergeron is still collecting names to pull a group together to review and track legislation involving GIS on an ongoing basis. 


For this meeting DOIT’s Legislative Liaison Steve Casey, a former State Senator from Bristol, reported on H. B. 7275, "An Act Concerning the Face of Connecticut" which was raised by the Committee on the Environment.  Mr. Casey provided the following update.  The bill was voted out of the Environment Committee on March 26 with a favorable change of reference to the Appropriations Committee.  Last Thursday, April 19th, Appropriations Committee amended the bill and voted it to the floor of the House.  All references to GIS were removed, specifically sections 1-2 and 22-28. The money budgeted for GIS was deleted.  DOT was however successful in their budget and retained the 5 positions which had been proposed in the Governor’s Budget.


Mr. Casey identified a lesson to take away from what happened is to get support from Governors’ office. The process has to start early and requires making the case to OPM in September; make a case to the governors’ office, the Environment Committee, Appropriations Committee and the Legislative Leadership, as all agencies and the legislature have their own priorities that they need money for too.


Chairperson Wallace restated the importance of Brenda Bergeron’s effort in forming a legislation review group to follow and solicit legislative packages. 


Review of Survey to change meeting time

Chairwoman Wallace followed up on the issue from last months meeting regarding the start time for this meeting. Chairwoman Wallace called for a motion to consider changing the start time.  Council Member Ladd motioned to consider changing the start time; Council Member Palomba seconded. Chairwoman Wallace stated that review of the survey showed 2:30 – 4:00 PM to be desirable to the majority. The floor was open to discussion, no discussion ensued. Vote taken, all in favor - none opposed.  Motion carried.  Meeting will be scheduled on the 4th Wednesday of every month from 2:30 to 4:00 pm starting next month, May 23, 2007.


New Business

Legal and Security Working Group Chair Bergeron stated that the group has reviewed FOI laws as they apply to Council sub-committees and working group activities.  A letter has been prepared for submittal to the FOI Commission.  They have recommend a letter be sent from the Council Chair to the FOI Commission. Sub-Committee Chair Bergeron will meet with Council Chairwomen Wallace for her review, approval and signature.


Working Session: Overview and Approach of the Strategic and Business Project Plan:

Chairwoman Wallace stated that the council was created to provide a geospatial capacity for the state. There is a need to focus on future needs and priorities and the development of the strategic plan will address this.


Mike Varney stated the project working group has been doing the steering to get to this point and this is the official kick off.  Through the grant program, ESRI and Applied Geographics has been hired. They have extensive experienced putting together strategic and business plans for state wide efforts of this type.


Working group facilitation provided by


Steve Anderson

Applied Geographics, Inc.

48 Purnell Place, Suite 16

Manchester, CT  06040; Phone: 860-643-4401; Fax: 860-643-8028


Andrew Buck

Applied Geographics, Inc.

24 School Street, Suite 500

Boston, MA 02108; Phone: 617-447-2400; Fax: 617-259-1688


Work group highlights included an overview of the project approach for both Strategic Planning and Business Planning phases (scheduled deliverable in August). The nine criteria for a successful statewide GIS program were review. These were identified as: full time coordinator position (meets); clearly defined authority (meets); formal relationship with CIO (meets); a Champion (does not meet); responsibilities for developing the national spatial data Infrastructure (does not meet); coordinate with local governments (meets); sustainable funding (does not meet); authority to enter contracts (meets); federal government works through the statewide coordinating authority (partially meets). Following was open discussion on what is the primary Goal for the strategic plan for Connecticut.  Areas of discussion included identifying a Champion, communication, awareness and outreach, sustainable funding and state wide infrastructure.

Other discussion items standard flight schedule; GIS portal, data, people, resources, sense of permanency, get data into decision makers hands, make it marketable, make it public domain; recognizable as a place to draw talent, tangible measurements and included data for Ortho Photography, Pictometry, center line, parcels and housing


Workshop PowerPoint presentation



Chairwoman Wallace asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Council Member Steve Fish motioned to adjourn; Council Member Richard Gallacher seconded.  All in favor - none opposed.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.

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