GIS: Minutes September 27
Agendas and Minutes

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GIS Council Meeting

September 27, 2006





Members Present

Andy Asaro, DOT

Erik Snowden, Regional Planning (CROG)

Tyler Kleykamp (DPH)

Patrick Ladd, Town of West Hartford

Mike Varney, DOIT

Diane Wallace, DOIT

Richard Gallacher, Town of Manchester

George Pohorilak, DPS

Raymond Philbrick, DPW

Dan Morley, OPM

Tony Andosca, CSU

Stephen Lowrey, Town of Tolland

Tom Felke, DSS for Dennis Barry

Stuart Fitzgerald, DECD

Sandy Prisloe, UConn

Glenn Elliott, Military

Steve Fish, DEP


Members Absent

Bill Palomba, DPUC

Skip Thomas, DEMHS

Wayne Kasacek, DOA

Derek Phelps, Siting Council

Scott Roberts, Town of South Windsor


Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 3 p.m.


August 23 minutes

A motion was made to accept minutes; all in favor, none opposed.



Report of Working Groups

Data and Inventory Assessment

The group continues to work on development of the base data from DEP and DOT that is available via the portable hard drives.  Continue to seek volunteers to participate in this workgroup.  A recommendation was made to break this committee down into smaller workgroups that can focus on specific data sets.  Chairman Wallace asked to be kept abreast of any issues in finding people to participate in certain data set groups so she can help if possible. 


Legal and Security

Group Chair Brenda Bergeron shared the draft “Guidelines for Freedom of Information and Security in the Release of GIS Data”, the draft “Geospatial Information Systems Council Vendor Contract Guidelines” and a copy of a letter sent to the City of Stamford regarding a FOIA request.  She asked the Council to review the two draft documents and provide feedback prior to the November 15 GIS meeting where the Council will discuss these guidelines as the premise for the Council to work within.


·      Guidelines for Freedom of Information and Security in the Release of GIS Data”:  Brenda briefed the Council that DPW has responsibility for determining whether a document should be released.  As the sophistication of the data expands, more and more people will be requesting information.  The Council was asked to review the proposed guidelines to determine if this process should be posted on the GIS website.


·      “Geospatial Information Systems Council Vendor Contract Guidelines”:  This document was presented to the Council.  Attention was brought to the fact that many Agencies have existing contracts.  Parties interested in utilizing an existing contract should be required to check with the Agency who owns it.  State Ethics law prohibits an Agency to accept free services unless that service is part of a contract.  Any Agency wishing to work with a vendor who is offering free material or consulting must execute an RFI which allows all vendors to present information.  The Council was asked to review the proposed guidelines for discussion at the next Council meeting.


A suggestion was made to review statutes and/or policies of other State GIS programs.  How are they handling these matters?  The Council discussed whether it is appropriate to coordinate data sharing agreements when working with the other municipalities and state agencies, i.e., all state data sharing agreements could be in a single repository and shared with the Legal Workgroup and Council.  Any additional thoughts to this should be passed on to Brenda Bergeron.


Training and Education

The workgroup now has five members.  Five education and training topics have been identified for research and development:

·      General geospatial education directed to non technical users i.e., people who don’t use software but have a need to know;

·      General software training – technology users who need to learn basic operations of software, introductory and mid-level users;

·      Specialized application area where agencies are working with specific data to address security or GIS needs;

·      Advanced GIS training regarding public domain data – an increasing amount of data is available.  Need to educate people to what it is and how to use it;

·      Web services – more and more information is going onto the internet, interactive mapping and portal.



DEMHS GIS Project Update

The goal of the Connecticut GIS is to develop statewide enterprise GIS architecture to support The Department of Homeland Security's applications, and to provide further capabilities to the broader Connecticut community.


The kick-off meeting for Connecticut's Enterprise and Homeland Security (HLS) Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Project will take place on Thursday, September 28.  ESRI will present a high level overview of the vision and scope of work for CT DEMHS-GIS.

Technical workgroup sessions have been scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 28 and will be ongoing throughout the project.  Contact Mike Varney if you are interested in participating in a workgroup.


Geo Lab

Hardware has arrived at the GEO lab at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  The infrastructure will continue to be built out over the next month. 


GIS Day Update

Chairman Wallace motioned for agreement to host the October and November Council meetings on GIS day – November 15, and to have CTN coverage if available.  George Pohorilak seconded, all in favor, none opposed.


There was conversation regarding utilizing the GIS website to showcase what and how CT GIS municipalities, state, federal, regional and non-profit organizations are currently using GIS applications.  A recommendation was made for Council to send out a survey to solicit this information and so it could be published monthly on the GIS Web site.


USGS Grants Update

Work continues on administration and execution of grants.  Strategic planning and integration analysis is on hold until the process that executes the funding stream between the Fed and DOIT is developed.  The most recent grant of $40K for staff assistance was executed.  Development of job specifications will begin shortly. 


Chairman Wallace briefed the Council regarding her newly established relationship as a member of the UConn School of Engineering Board.  It may be possible to involve some of the professors and their grad students in the State’s GIS projects.  Chairman Wallace asked for agencies or workgroups interested to please contact her directly.


New Business

CT GIS User Network - Erik Snowden noted that the first meeting will be held in January.  The main theme is focused on the legal implications of GIS data.  Erik asked the Council if they are interested in co-sponsoring this meeting and to consider hosting at the LOB.  A co-sponsor would add greater legitimacy behind the topic and would be an opportunity for us to educate the public of current efforts, and to get public feedback to understand their needs as a consumer.  Chairman Wallace asked Mr. Snowden to preview the GIS Users Network’s January agenda and to report back if there is any item(s) specific to the Council.


Chairman Wallace asked the Council for future meeting topics.  Two suggestions were made:  to discuss the next state flyover; and a request for workgroups to present important topics to the Council such as the Legal group has.



George Pohorilak motioned for adjournment, Rick Gallacher seconded, all in favor, none opposed, meeting adjourned.

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