GIS: Minutes August 23

{State of CT Geospatial Information Systems Council}

GIS Council Meeting

August 23, 2006





Members Present

Bill Palomba, DPUC

Andy Asaro, DOT

Erik Snowden, Regional Planning (CROG)

Tyler Kleykamp (DPH)

Patrick Ladd, Town of West Hartford

Mike Varney, DOIT

Diane Wallace, DOIT

Richard Gallacher, Town of Manchester

Steve Fish, DEP

Skip Thomas, DEMHS

Steve Reviszky, DOA, for Wayne Kasacek

George Pohorilak, DPS

Raymond Philbrick, DPW

Dan Morley, OPM

Tony Andosca, CSU

Stephen Lowrey, Town of Tolland

Dennis Barry, DSS

Stuart Fitzgerald, DECD

Scott Roberts, Town of South Windsor

Derek Phelps, Siting Council


Members Absent

LTC Gerald Luwkowski, Military

Sandy Prisloe, UConn



Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 3 p.m.


July 26 minutes

Chairman Wallace made clarification of several items in the July 26 meeting minutes.  Commissioner Thomas made a motion to accept, Patrick Ladd seconded, all in favor, none opposed.


DEMHS GIS Project Update

Hardware has been ordered for the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  A purchase order has been created for ESRI consulting services for the initial build out of an enterprise application.  The project team and ESRI will meet next week to define project schedules.  A workshop will be scheduled mid-to-end of September as the initial kick-off meeting.  Invitations will be sent within next 10 days. 


The Department of Homeland Security, Commercial Direct Acquisition Program (CEDAP), through the DEMHS grant area, has a grant available that offers GIS training and software free of charge to all municipalities.  The project team will make sure all municipalities are aware of this opportunity.  Mike Varney will coordinate the grant application process for those municipalities interested.  This opportunity closes on September 22.


ESRI conference update

The ESRI conference “Lunch and Learn” will be scheduled in September.  The date and time will be posted on the GIS Website.  Over 14,000 participated from states, municipalities, regional planning agencies (RPAs), and federal agencies.  There were over 300 technical sessions/workshops and over 1500 moderated papers on infrastructure, design, emergency management, and many other areas, as well as a tremendous amount of lessons learned from Katrina. 


Representing the State of Connecticut were DOT, DOIT, DEP, DEMHS, and the Siting Council.  Several RPAs as well as municipalities, such as Stonington, Milford, and Hartford, attended as well.  Connecticut representatives coordinated attendance at each event to ensure all key topics were covered.  ESRI helped coordinate meetings with peer groups and field experts.  Networking took place with key states, such as New York, Rhode Island and Colorado.  Connecticut also attended several user group events such as NEARC.  Participants saw improvements to the software and database, especially the opportunity to get historical views of maps.


ESRI gives special achievement awards for outstanding results in the GIS field.  Connecticut has received an award in the past.  A 2006 award went to the City of Hartford for their public safety response system.



  • Jack Dangermond, President of ESRI, gave an executive seminar.
  • Vanessa Lawrence (UK survey and map) discussed their data base with over 12 billion features and more than 5000 changes a day.
  • General Motors discussed how they use GIS for marketing and business analysis. 
  • Royal and Sun Alliance (2nd largest underwriter in UK) wrote a risk assessment application based on all the GIS features they can utilize.  This has returned investment to their company, as shown in real measurable profit. 
  • The Mayor of Denver discussed how they used GIS to better manage their government.

Mike mentioned that Dr. Bol from Harvard has reinstituted Harvard’s Center for Geographic Analysis.  They do not have a degree program but plan to institutionalize the use of GIS in every department by requiring it as a language within the language department. 


We are unable to coordinate a special speaking engagement with Jack Dangermond on September 21, thus you can lift the hold from your calendars.  We hope to have a new date soon.  


Connecticut GIS Day- November 15

ESRI and National Geographic are just a few of the national organizations that promote and support a specific GIS day during “National Geography Week.”  New Hampshire and Massachusetts put on tremendous events.  Mike Varney and other council members would like to see Connecticut’s GIS day consisting of more activities, education and marketing of GIS. Commissioner Thomas suggested possibly a tour of the EOC, showcasing of the 911 map, items displayed in the corridor, etc.  Here is the GIS Day link for information on activities in other states. 


Mike Varney asked for volunteers to participate in a GIS Day workgroup to help develop a significant program for Connecticut.  If interested please call Mike at 622-2462 or email  More information on Connecticut’s GIS day will be posted on the GIS Website as plans are developed and solidified.    


Tele Atlas

Tele Atlas gave a presentation regarding their company, product and customers.  The presentation, as well as two other documents (OneMap Whitepaper and Dynamap/Transportation User Manual) can be found on the GIS Website under

“Presentations, Reports, and Papers.” 


Other Business

Tyler Kleykamp offered a point of interest regarding “The President’s High Growth Job Training Initiative.”  More information can be found on the GIS Website under Special Notices.


George Pohorilak briefed the Council on the deployment of orthophotography at designated sites.  There are not many states that have this.  He expects the orthophotography to be fully deployed over the next several months.  DPS has filled one GIS position; the GIS Technician position is still open. 



Chairman Wallace asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Patrick Ladd motioned, George Pohorilak seconded, all in favor, none opposed, meeting adjourned.

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