GIS: Minutes July 26

{State of CT Geospatial Information Systems Council}

GIS Council Meeting

July 26, 2006


Members Present

Erik Snowden, Regional Planning, CROG

Tyler Kleykamp, DPH

LTC Gerald Luwkowski, Military

Patrick Ladd, Town of West Hartford

Diane Wallace, DOIT

Richard Gallacher, Town of Manchester

Steve Fish, DEP

Wayne Kasacek, DOA

Tony Andosca, CSU

Brenda Bergeron and Kerry Flaherty, DEMHS, for Commissioner Thomas

Raymond Philbrick, DPW

Dan Morley, OPM

Derek Phelps, CSC

Stephen Lowrey, Town of Tolland

Sonja Shuford, DPUC, for Bill Palomba

Janet Ainsworth, DPS, for George Pohorilak

Scott Roberts, Town of South Windsor

Sandy Prisloe, UConn

Jim Spencer, DOT, for Andy Asaro

Members Absent

Mike Varney, DOIT

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 3 p.m.  Chairman Wallace asked that the working group leads sit at the table, however, are not allowed to vote.


Review of May 24 Minutes

Chairman Wallace asked for acceptance and approval for the May 24, GIS Council meeting minutes.  Brenda Bergeron motioned to accept and Jim Spencer seconded.  All in favor, none opposed.

Approval of Training & Education Working Group leads

Chairman Wallace asked for the acceptance and approval of Sandy Prisloe and Peter Sandgren as the Training and Education Workgroup leads.  Tyler Kleykamp motioned to accept and Richard Gallacher seconded.  All in favor, none opposed.

Data and Inventory Assessment Workgroup

The group has met for the last two months.  Discussion took place on formally establishing sub data groups that focus on specific areas of data.  Individuals who use the different kinds of data would be sought after to chair the sub data groups.  The groups will identify what exists, gaps, what the data can be used for and establish reports.  This administrative function of oversight brings in the expertise necessary to receive buy in and acceptance of data layers as something beneficial to the state.

The state has verbally been awarded a grant for $44K for staff which would be used for part time technical administrative assistance.

Council members were asked to look at groupings and get back to Jim Spencer with comments regarding “are we on target, are there other specific groups, are there other individuals who might want to chair a data group”.  Council members were also asked to comment if there are some obvious areas of data they feel are important to begin work.

LIDAR topographic data products

Tom Meyer, Associate Professor at UConn is working on identifying tools to disseminate data sets to Connecticut residents.  He asked for the Council to support him in his proposal to seek a grant that would allow him to write the programs necessary to access the data sets.  Chairman Wallace stated that the purpose of the Council is to promote the use of GIS.  More information will be required from Professor Meyer, as well as an opinion from legal counsel for the endorsement of his request.

Legal and Security Workgroup

Brenda Bergeron has been contacting individuals involved in the past workgroup.  She asked Council members to contact her if interested in participating, and to bring issues/concerns to her now so the workgroup can begin addressing them.

Training and Education

The workgroup is looking for volunteers to work on the committee.  Their first meeting focused on education issues such as what and how the technology can be used as well as the technical aspect of hands-on training.

The question regarding workgroup participation was raised.  Is it limited to just council members, state and/or municipalities, or are vendors allowed to participate?  Chairman Wallace said there are issues with vendor participation on workgroups, in regards to procurement conflicts of interest.  She asked for those who have a question to contact her directly to discuss specific situations.

Finance Workgroup

This workgroup has not met.  The group will research and identify possible funding sources.  They will also look at ways to fund Council activities through typical state legislature, individual agency contributions, municipality participation, etc.  They will work closely with the Legal and Security Workgroup. Please contact Steve if interested in participating in this workgroup.

Discussion opened on what kinds of sizable funds will be required.  Steve Fish responded that the next flight for the state will be costly.  In the past DEP, DOT, DPS and other agencies have incurred the expense. However, since all agencies benefit and will use the information, all should share in the cost.  Recommendation was made to approach the Legislature for funds through a budget option.

Strategic Business Plan Update

The group has been meeting regularly.  They are in the process of interviewing and hope to hire a consultant in early September.

DEMHS HSGIS Steering Committee Update

The project as a whole is moving forward toward an agreement with ESRI in September.  Once contracts are signed and sealed, information will be updated on the DOIT Website.  A steering committee has been formed consisting of some past Interim Council members.  They will have full oversight of the initiative to better meet the needs of homeland security and development for state portal.  Additional members will be brought in as more data needs are identified.

Presentation on Orthophoto Images

Sandy Prisloe gave a presentation of the Clearview and Magic Websites showing orthophotography/imagery and how data layers are and can be used.  This imagery is on a server at UConn, however, cannot be copied or saved.

Other Business

Janet Ainsworth stated that TeleAtlas will be at the next Council meeting, and that the DPS GIS coordinator is scheduled to start on August 8.

Chairman Wallace motioned for the meeting to adjourn.  Janet Ainsworth seconded, all in favor, none opposed.

Meeting adjourned.

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