GIS: Minutes February 22

{State of CT Geospatial Information Systems Council}


Minutes of February 22, 2006 GIS Council Meeting




Committee Members attending:  Chairperson CIO Diane Wallace, Dan Morley, Steve Fish, Stuart Fitzgerald, Angelo Asaro, Tyler Kleykamp, Wayne Kasacek, Skip Thomas, Dennis Barry, John Harmon, Derek Phelps, Patrick Ladd, Eric Snowden, Stephen Lowrey, LTC Gerald Luwkowski, Scott Roberts, Janet Ainsworth (for George Pohorilak), Brett Flodine, Sonja Shuford (for William Palomba), Ray Philbrick, Glenn Elliott


Committee Members not attending:  George Pohorilak, William Palomba, Pat McGlamery

  • Chairperson, CIO Wallace opened meeting welcoming members and asking for introductions of all council members present.  She reviewed the purpose of the new council (House Bill No. 7502):  “The Council shall coordinate a uniform geospatial information system capacity for municipalities, regional planning agencies, the state and others, as needed… The purpose of any such system shall be to provide guidance or assistance to municipal and state officials in the areas of land use planning, transportation, economic development, environmental, cultural and natural resources management, the delivery of public services and other areas, as necessary.”
  • CIO Wallace referred to the Interim Council and the phenomenal job they did in creating awareness and initiating actions toward a statewide GIS solution.
  • CIO Wallace shared best practices for roles and responsibilities in a system development effort, explaining costs, quality and timeliness are critical factors, but priorities must be determined.  She explained that the GIS Council will be asked to review system development progress at major project milestones and provide approval before proceeding to the next phase.
  • The Council discussed the need to address staffing and funding issues as a priority.  Relative to funding, Dr. Harmon stated that Connecticut has applied for two grants (under two of five categories) with the National Spatial Data Infrastructure under their Cooperative Agreement Program (CAP):  Category 3: Fifty-States Initiative (GISC Business plan development) and Category 5: Geographic Information Integration and Analysis (promote one-stop concept for CT data).  Expect to hear status of applications on March 1, 2006.  DEHMS has some federal funding to move forward however funds will run out 9/30/06.  They will continue to look for additional funding after 9/30.
  • The subject of hiring a fulltime project manager was introduced to the Council.  A motion was put forth by Dr. John Harmon to hire a fulltime project manager.  Steve Fish highly endorsed and seconded a fulltime project manager.  He said this was a prior discussion with the Interim council.  The success of the GIS product is dependent on someone overseeing the project fulltime – something none of the Council members or their staff are able to do with their current roles and responsibilities.  Discussion continued relative to the project manager being a state employee vs. a consultant. The Council agreed the individual should be hired as a state employee.
  • An amended motion was then put forth by Commissioner Thomas that a draft job description for a GIS project manager be created for review and discussion at the next council meeting.  The motion was seconded and all agreed.
  • There was discussion about the ESRI “needs analysis” report (created by a vendor who had been contracted by the State (Interim Council) to complete a needs analysis for GIS).  CIO Wallace will send a working draft to all Council members with questions they should consider when reviewing the report.  Further discussion on this will take place at the next GIS Council meeting.  Future contract issues may be part of that discussion.  Concerns were raised regarding specific statutes relative to holding an executive session.  CIO Wallace will consult with legal council before proceeding further with executive session conversations.
  • It was suggested that the individuals involved with GIS as part of the Interim Council provide an educational presentation to new Council participants.  Dr. John Harmon volunteered to take the lead on this initiative.

As a new council by-laws need to be established.  CIO Wallace will send all Council members a copy of the proposed by-laws for review and discussion at next meeting.


Other business:

Orthophotography of Connecticut is now available.  This link will give you a look at the 2004 imagery using a standard browser:  You may be prompted for a download of an Active X control (prompt will be at the top of your page and ask you to “click here” to install).


A request was made to change the time of the monthly Council meetings from 2 p.m. every 4th Wednesday, to 3 p.m. every 4th Wednesday.  All Council members agreed with new proposed time.


Minutes of the GIS Council meetings will be sent via email to Council member and will be posted on the DOIT Intranet Web site (which can be accessed by public domain).  Meeting agendas will be posted in advance and sent via email.


A motion was put forth to adjourn, it was seconded and all agreed.

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