GIS: Minutes March 28, 2007


{State of CT Geospatial Information Systems Council}

GIS Council Meeting

 March 28 2007





Members Present

Diane Wallace, DOIT

Andy Asaro, DOT

Mike Varney, DOIT

Richard Gallacher, Town of Manchester

Skip Thomas, DEMHS

Erik Snowden, Regional Planning (CROG)

George Pohorilak, DPS, Acting Council Chairperson for Chairwoman Wallace

Tony Andosca, CSU

Dennis Barry, DSS

Sandy Prisloe, UConn

Scott Roberts, Town of South Windsor

Bill Palomba, DPUC

Jerry Iwan, DPH

Dan Morley, OPM

Stephen Lowrey, Town of Tolland


Members Absent

LTC Gerald Luwkowski, Military

Patrick Ladd, Town of West Hartford

Derek Phelps, Siting Council

Steve Fish, DEP

Stuart Fitzgerald, DECD

Wayne Kasacek, DOA

Raymond Philbrick, DPW


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 3 p.m. by Chairwoman Wallace.  She asked the Council if they had any objection to voice recording the meeting for use in documentation purposes only.  The Council replied with no objection. 


Review of February 28 Minutes

Chairwoman Wallace asked for discussion of the February 28, 2007 GIS Council meeting minutes.  No discussion ensued. Chairwoman Wallace called for a motion to accept the meeting minutes.  Council Member Gallacher motioned to accept; Council Member Pohorilak seconded.  All in favor - none opposed.  Motion carried. 


Data and Inventory Assessment Working Group

The Chair of the group was not in attendance.  However, GIS Project Manager Mike Varney gave a brief update regarding Geodatabase training with ESRI. DOT, in cooperation with DPS, has scheduled formal ESRI training on the Geodatabase Design and Network Analyst courses as they pertain to the development of a new road network for the State.  DOT is hosting the ESRI training at their training center. The intent is that this training will provide them with a clear understanding of the technical needs required to develop a database model and position us better to begin the implementation process for development of a new road network.


Legal and Security Working Group

Council Member and Working Group Chairwoman Brenda Bergeron reported on FOI laws regarding Council activities and documentation. The workgroup is reviewing  FOI laws as they apply to any Council activities, documentation and possible exemptions.  She next updated the Council on vendor presentations.  Councilwoman Wallace reiterated that if a vendor wishes to do a presentation, they must already be contracted to do business with the State.  A suggestion was made to possibly hold an Expo at the next GIS day in November of 2007. 


Discussion around current legislation regarding GIS followed.  Mr. Kleykamp made reference to a proposed bill for $2M by an environmental group to create a map for the State, however, did not know what the map is comprised of.   Some concerns were raised about the Councilís ability to support proposed GIS legislation.  Chairwoman Wallace updated the Council that someone within DOIT is reviewing all legislation for GIS thus should be prepared to respond.  She suggested that Council members make recommendations as to how the GIS Council may be able to benefit, or act on any of the ideas that come in as a proposed bill.  There were no other comments.  Chairwoman Wallace closed this topic by suggesting the Workgroup look at establishing a subgroup for GIS legislation. 


Finance Working Group

There was nothing new to report for this meeting.   


Training and Education Working Group

Council Member and Working Group Chair Sandy Prisloe reported the workgroup had just met.  They continue to work on training initiatives.  Working Group Co-chair Peter Sandgren reported that he reviewed the GIS website with DOIT staff. Several links were repaired and edits were made in order to improve the look and performance of the website, and members of the Working Group will receive Web portal training in order to update and improve the GIS website. The Council was reminded of the NEARC spring meeting at Smith College in North Hampton on April 27.  Also shared with the Council was the scheduled Friends of GEO career fair on Thursday, March 29 at UCONN from 5-7:30 p.m.


DEMHS GIS Project Update

Mike Varney (Project Manager) gave the following update:  The project is moving forward.  We will finalize software and equipment order by next meeting.  Mr. Varney told the Council that the package of information from the Municipal Data Workgroup meeting held at the Fire Academy should be sent out in April.  He updated the Council on the application design.  Writing of the first iteration has begun.  He hopes to have a prototype to share with the Council in the next month or so.  Mr. Varney stated that these are the same four applications as presented in the beginning of the project - nothing has changed.  Chairwoman Wallace mentioned that at an earlier meeting, Mr. Ken Wiggin from the State Library suggested we begin looking at how the data is going to be maintained and archived.  This is something that we should continue to pursue and integrate with the work going on now within the application development. 


Mike updated the Council on Pictometry.  He reported that the State thru the DEMHS and DEP has purchased a significant amount of state Pictometry data (oblique and ortho imagery).  However, a refly is required and he anticipates having the new data in hand within the next couple of months.  The intent is to house this data within the DEMHS GIS system as a central repository. Training on how to access and/or use the data will be developed and scheduled for individuals who need it.  As part of the Pictometry contract, anyone who is within the flyable area can receive a copy of their data.  They can also get a free copy of the software that allows them to view it.  Mike will put out a fact sheet by May 1st which will detail all of the steps necessary to acquire and use the data.  Municipalities are able to purchase their data direct from the vendor.  A question was asked regarding the approximate size of a data file.  Mr. Varney responded that each square mile is equal to a mile tile.  Council Member Gallacher updated the Council on an upcoming Pictometry demo scheduled for April 12 in Bridgeport - target audience was all assessors in the state.   There were several other questions that will be tabled for the next meeting as the Council Member most appropriate to respond was not in attendance. 


New Business


Municipal Policies

Council Member Prisloe received an email asking if he knew of any governing law regarding municipalitiesí data distribution policies.  He reviewed activities of multiple towns and states and found pricing differed from $50 to $8000.  The Connecticut GIS User-to-User Group Steering Committee developed and sent a survey to towns asking what they are doing regarding this topic. Results of the survey can be found in the attached powerpoint document. 



UCONN Center for Economic Analysis Ė Local Update Of census Addresses Program (LUCA).


Guests presenters were:


Orlando Rodriquez, Manager, University of Connecticut, CT State Data Center

305 Manchester Hall


344 Mansfield Road

Storrs, CT  06269-2068; Tele: 860-486-9241; Fax: 860-486-9270


Vincent Pito, Geographer, Boston Regional Office, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau

4 Copley Place, Suite 301

Boston, MA 02117; Tele: 617-424-4513; Fax:  617-424-5492;


Bruce Kaminski, Assistant Regional Director, Boston Regional Office, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau

4 Copley Place, Suite 301

Boston, MA 02117; Tele: 617-424-4504; Fax:  617-424-0547;



Mr. Kaminski reported their goal for Connecticut is to gather and retain accurate data regarding its population.  Federal funding is available to states based on Census Bureau results, however accurate data is necessary.  The last Census Bureau Poll in Connecticut yielded disproportional results for a variety of reasons.  The Census Bureau is asking for help in updating address lists, and to determine what the Stateís process was in the last poll to ensure the best results for the 2010 poll.  Mr. Pito gave an update on the LUCA project and the promotional workshops for LUCA that are being held over the summer.   Mr. Rodriguez encouraged the Council to support their initiatives and pointed to their Website for a schedule of informational meetings Ė           


Mr. Rodriguez reviewed his presentation with the Council. He would like to identify the working group who was in involved in the last Census Bureau Poll, or identify individuals who can commit to working in a group within the Governorís office to determine the last pollís process.  Council Member Roberts will be participating in one of the technical workshops to learn how the municipalities can benefit from supporting this effort.



Council Member Thomas made a proposal to move the Council Meeting.  Chairwoman Wallace said she would send out an email detailing options for each member to review and vote upon at the next meeting.


Public Comment




Chairwoman Wallace asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Council Member Thomas motioned to adjourn; Council Member Roberts seconded.  All in favor, none opposed.  Motion carried.


GIS Powerpoint presentation

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