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How is GIS Being Used Links Page

Connecticut State Library:
 In 1934, Connecticut became the first state to complete a statewide aerial survey.  The State Library has several aerial surveys of the entire state, along with some partial surveys, and has put the 1934, 1938 (partial survey), and 1965 (in process) surveys online.
Municipal Government: Municipalities and local government offices utilize GIS in many ways.  The following list depicts some of the most common applications of parcel level mapping systems and GIS technology.
State Government: GIS enables states to combine data in complex ways, generate statistics, print maps and charts, and provide information to a broader audience via the Internet.
Regional Planning Organizations: Regional organizations make use of GIS and other technologies to help their local governments and businesses fair better in the competitive world of economic development.
Federal Agencies: The Federal government provides the standard for GIS based maps that support activities at all levels of government (e.g., public safety, emergency response, emergency management, emergency preparedness, bioterrorism, health and disease tracking, economic development, and asset management).
Non-Profit Organizations: Non-profit organizations sometimes take the role of advocates, attempting to influence land use decisions; they sometimes take the role of consultants, providing agencies, both on the local and state level, with GIS services and data.  
Schools and Universities: Schools and universities play a significant role in education and workforce development, as well as researching best practices in the application of GIS technology and effects to our natural resources.
GIS Related Professional Organizations: A number of municipal and landuse professionals make use of GIS technology within their daily responsibilities.
Other New England GIS information: Regional, state, and federal GIS links.
Taking You Beyond The Map: is a website for GIS users and professionals.  It has a number of tips for useage, the latest GIS news, and other helpful information.
GIS Lounge: This website is another helpful GIS resource filled with information.
GoogleMaps: This website will offer directions or assist with map creation and customization.

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