GIS: GIS Council Members

Geospatial Information Systems
(GIS) Council Membership

Agency Designee Phone Email
Office of Policy & Management Tyler J. Kleykamp, Chair (860) 418-6302
Department of Administrative Services  Sheri DeVaux (860) 622-2455
Department of Energy & Environmental Protection  Howie Sternberg (860) 424-3594
Department of Economic & Community Development Ron Angelo (860) 270-8020
Department of Transportation Michael J Connors (860) 594-2037 
Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection Daniel Czaja (860)685-8131
Department of Public Health Christopher Roy (860)509-7333
Department of Construction Services Jeff Bolton (860) 713-5706
Department of Agriculture  Kristin DeRosia-Banick  (203) 874-0696
Department of Social Services      
Board of Regents for Higher Education  Anthony Andosca (860) 493-0178
University of Connecticut
Emily Wilson
(860) 345-5226
Military Department Beth Stewart-Kelly (860) 524-4844
Appointed by the Governor:  representing a municipality with a population of less than 60 thousand but more than 30 thousand people.   Vacant    
Appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate:  representing a municipality with a population of 60 thousand people.  Patrick Ladd 203-630-4148
Appointed by the Senate Minority Leader:  representing a regional planning agency Erik Snowden  860-522-2217, Ext # 217
Appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives:  representing a municipality with a population of less than 30 thousand people.  Stephen Lowrey  860-871-3601
Appointed by the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives:  a user of geospatial information systems.   Scott Roberts  860-644-2511, Ext # 288

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