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As the Ethics Liaison or Compliance Officer for your agency your role is to work with the Office of State Ethics, to coordinate and facilitate the development of ethics policies for your agency; to provide access to education and training; to update and maintain the Statement of Financial Interests filers list and to foster communication between the Office of State Ethics and your agency employees.


Duties and Responsibilities

Section 1-101rr of the Connecticut General Statutes


Agency Ethics Liaisons

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2018 Agency Results



2018 Statements of Financial Interests - Agency Results 

Congratulations!  77% of our Agencies, Offices, Commissions and Quasi-Public Agencies achieved 100% timely compliance.  Forty-two agencies or 70% of those agencies earned the distinction of not only achieving 100% timely compliance but also had 100% submit filings electronically. There are 2,552 SFI filers and 99% met the May 1 deadline.  Of those, 98% filed electronically.  

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