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Opportunities with the Office of State Ethics
Citizen's Ethics Advisory Board 
The Office of State Ethics, Citizen's Ethics Advisory Board is currently looking for candidates interested in serving as a Board Member.
If you are interested in becoming a Board Member of the Citizenís Ethics Advisory Board please review the following information which outlines responsibilities, qualifications, restrictions and other important information for prospective Board Members.


Key Responsibilities:

{Political Action Committees (PACs)}   Attend monthly Citizenís Ethics Advisory Board meetings
{Political Action Committees (PACs)}   Prepare for monthly Citizenís Ethics Advisory Board meetings
{Political Action Committees (PACs)}   Appoint and evaluate the Executive Director of the Office of State Ethics
{Political Action Committees (PACs)}   Work in partnership with the Executive Director
{Political Action Committees (PACs)}   Serve as a Hearing Officer for non-confidential UAPA hearings
{Political Action Committees (PACs)}   Attend Board hearings to determine whether violations occurred and to assess penalties
{Political Action Committees (PACs)}   Attend special meetings if necessary
{Political Action Committees (PACs)}   Assist Executive Director in conducting new board member orientation 
{Political Action Committees (PACs)}   Oversee legislative agenda

Time Commitment and Compensation:

Prepare for and attend monthly CEAB meeting, Board hearings and special meetings.
Members of the board shall be compensated at the rate of two hundred dollars per day for each day they attend a meeting or hearing and shall receive reimbursement for their necessary expenses incurred in the discharge of their official duties.

Interested Candidates:

Interested candidates should submit a resume with details of experience and a letter of interest; which includes party affiliation to:

Office of State Ethics

18-20 Trinity Street, 2nd Floor

Hartford, CT  06106 

Telephone:  860-263-2397

Fax:  860-263-2402


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