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Monthly Themes for Career Exploration


The following themes may be used to encourage and promote career development and career exploration activities, as well as for individual awareness and preparedness, public safety, civic engagement, and volunteerism.

June is...


Cataract Awareness Month

Dairy Month

Fireworks Safety Months

Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

Home Safety Month

Menís Health Month

National Headache Awareness Month

National Hunger Awareness Month

National Safety Month

Sports America Kids Month

Vision Research Month


and also includes a focus on...


Lightning Safety Awareness Week

National Men's Health Week

National Wireless Safety Week

Sun Safety Week


and alsoÖ.


National Cancer Survivors Day

National Get Outdoors Day

National Go Barefoot Day

National HIV Testing Day

World Heart Day

World Sickle Cell Day




Can you match the themes above with some of their related careers below, and investigate other careers that could also be associated with these themes?

Possible associated careers

adult and pediatric ophthalmologist, acupuncturist, administrators of homeless shelter, ambulance driver, athletic coach, biochemist, cancer center administrator, cardiologist, cardiologist, career counselor, cataract physician, chef, chiropodist, clinician, cultural and activities coordinator, cultural center worker, dairy farmer, dermatologist, dietician, disaster manager, economic development director, educator and administrator, epidemiologist, equal opportunity and human rights advocate, eye-bank laboratory researcher, family counselor, firefighter, fireworks retail salesperson, fitness trainer, forest ranger, gastroenterologist, glaucoma researcher, government worker, health and human services workers, health care assistant, hospice volunteer or worker, hypnotist, investigator, labor department advisor, librarian, life coach, lifeguard, marketing/advertising agent, masseur/masseuse, medical assistant, municipal public works worker, museum administrator, neurologist, nurse, nutritionist, ocular oncologist, oculoplastics and orbital surgeon, oncologist, optometrist, orthopedic surgeon, orthoptic technician, otolaryngologist, paramedic, parent, pediatrician, perimetrist evaluating and treating for optical motility, physical education teacher, physician (including specialist in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and diabetes), phlebotomist, podiatrist, police, policymaker, polysomnographic technologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, public safety personnel, pulmonologist, refractive corneal surgeon, researcher, restaurant owner, restaurant manager, banquet caterer, banquet manager, scientist of diseases of the cornea and retina, security guard, small business administrator, sports physician, surgeon specializing in evaluating and treating vitreoretinal disease, rancher, teacher, technician dealing with laser technology, vascular surgeon, vision rehabilitation specialist, visual scientist, volunteer, volunteers for boys and girls clubs, and web site developer.


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