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Monthly Themes for Career Exploration



The following themes may be used to encourage and promote career development and career exploration activities, as well as for individual awareness and preparedness, public safety, civic engagement, and volunteerism.


May is...

 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

 National Egg Month

 National Hamburger Month

 National Salad Month

 Get Caught Reading Month

 National Book Month

 International Internal Audit Awareness Month

 Better Hearing & Speech Month

 Buckle Up America

 International Dental Awareness Month

 Jewish American Heritage Month

 Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

 National Allergy/Asthma Awareness Month

 National Arthritis Month

 National Correct Posture Month

 National Mental Health Month

 National Osteoporosis Prevention Month

 National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

 National Sight-Saving Month

 National Stroke Awareness Month

 National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

 Older Americans Month

 National Bike Month

 Clean Air Month

 National Science Month


and includes a focus on...

 AmeriCorps Week

 National Bike to Work Week

 National Chemistry Week

 National Hurricane Preparedness Week

 National Police Week

 National Nurses Week

 National Safe Boating Week

 National Small Business Week

 Teacher Appreciation Week




 International Nurses Day (on May 12 the birthday of Florence Nightingale)

 National Day of Prayer

 National Moment of Remembrance (3 PM on Memorial Day)

 National Train Day



Can you match the themes above with some of their related careers below, and investigate other careers that could also be associated with these themes?


Possible associated careers

egg farmer, dietician, chef, restaurant owner, rancher, cowboy/cowgirl, butcher, restaurant owner, farmer, dietician, chef, business owner, book store worker, museum store sales person, cashier, stock mover, publisher, editor, writer, bookbinder, collector, librarian, paraprofessional, superintendent of school, auditor, accountant, veteran benefits worker, parent, public safety personnel, town official, homeless shelter worker, social service worker, volunteer, otolaryngologist, physical education athletic coach, police, lawmaker, automotive designer, automotive parts manufacturer, automotive parts salesperson, product engineer, product quality safety inspector, marketing executive, dentist, periodontist, orthodontist, dental hygienist, dietician, nutritionist, physical education oncologist, radiologist, epidemiologist, hospice worker, immunologist, gastroenterologist, otolaryngologist, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, hepatology nurse, endoscopic nurse, school nurse, orthopedic surgeon, health care assistant, hospice worker, chemist, researcher, orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, dancer, athlete, military personnel, psychologist, psychiatrist, mental health nurse, pastor, priest, reverend, clergy, counselor, rabbi, train conductor, registered nurse, registered nurse clinician, licensed practical nurse, certified nurse aide, certified nursing assistant, orderly, auxiliary nurse, medical assistant, personal support worker, military nurse, nurse educator, nurse manager, nurse midwife, licensed nurse practitioner, nurse specialist, private duty nurse, staff nurse, legal nurse consultant, nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse specialist, public health nurse, cardiac nurse, critical care nurse, emergency nurse, family nurse practitioner, flight nurse, geriatric nurse practitioner, intensive care unit nurse, home health nurse, hospice nurse, medical/surgical nurse, neonatal and neonatal intensive care unit (ICU) nurse, neurological nurse, obstetrics nurse, gynecological nurse, oncological nurse, orthopedic nurse, pediatric nurse, pulmonary nurse, psychiatrist nurse, mental health nurse, school nurse, surgical/operating room nurse., physical education athletic coach, dietician, nutritionist, counselor for boys and girls club, volunteer, ophthalmologist, optometrist, optician, dietician, nurse, health care assistant, dietician, nutritionist, hospice worker, pediatrician, gynecologist, midwife, family counselor, teen shelter worker, gerontologist, any worker specializing in geriatric issues, geriatric nurse, convalescent/nursing home worker, hospice volunteer, day care provider, insurance agent, lawyer, transportation coordinator, physical therapist, Meals-On-Wheels program coordinator/administrator, architect and home construction/renovations contractor, accountant, financial services advisor, product manufacturer, volunteer coordinator, senior center volunteer coordinator, police (municipal, county, state, federal), commander, police chief, dispatcher, detective, interrogator, criminal investigator, crime scene investigator (CSI), burglary/robbery investigator, narcotics investigator, death and homicide investigator, cell phone call and cell tower records for Investigator, court security officer, security guard, site safety officer, electrical fire and arson case manager, sniper, immediate interception counter-terrorism active shooter, hostage negotiator, handgun and shotgun instructor, rifle instructor, range master, explosive detection technician, K9 (canine) trainer, linguistic statement analyzer, SWAT team supervisor, security and loss prevention officer, highway patrol officer, marshal and deputy marshal, sheriff and deputy sheriff, border patrol agent, immigration inspector, customs agent, customs investigator, diplomatic security special agent, juvenile and youth offender case manager, marina workers, bicycle sales and repair shop worker, manufacturer, engineer, environmentalist, policymaker, manufacturer, business administrator, accountant, scientist, climatologist, meteorologist, weather forecaster, scientist in any subject area (biology, ecology, psychology, engineering), policymaker, cultural center worker, museum administrator, equal opportunity and human rights advocate, cultural and activities coordinator, cultural center worker, museum administrator, equal opportunity advocate, cultural and activities coordinator


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