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Monthly Themes for Career Exploration


The following themes may be used to encourage and promote career development and career exploration activities, as well as for individual awareness and preparedness, public safety, civic engagement, and volunteerism.

April is...

Alcohol Awareness Month
Animal Cruelty Prevention Month
Financial Literacy Month
Mathematics Education Month
National Autism Awareness Month
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
National Community Service Month
National Lawn and Garden Month
National Occupational Therapy Month
National Youth Sports Safety Month

and is associated with

Administrative Professional's Week
National Crime Victims Week
National Dance Week
National Environmental Education Week
National Professional Secretaries Week
National Secretary's Day
National Volunteers Week
National Work Zone Awareness Week
Week of the Young Child


Arts Advocacy Day
Census Day
Earth Day
National Astronomy Day
National Day of Silence
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day / Bring Your Child to Work Day  


Can you match the themes above with some of their related careers below, and investigate other careers that could also be associated with these themes?


Possible associated careers

Accountant, administrative assistant, administrators of non-profit organization coordinator, animal advocate, animal rights activist, animal shelter worker, animal trainer, arborist, astronomer, athletic coach, auditor, banker, bartender, botanist, business administrator, business owner, business person, business worker, cartographer, census taker (enumerator), child care director, computer scientist, coordinator of volunteer services, crew leader, crime victims advocate, dance school instructor, dance studio worker, dance teacher, demographer, desktop publisher, director of pre-school education, econometrician, economist, engineer, environmental activist, environmental engineer, environmental researcher, environmentalist, executive assistant, family counselor, financier, firefighter, forest ranger, garden supplies worker, gardening hobbyist, geographer, hotel and hospitality worker, human resources director, information technology specialist, insurance services executive, investment advisor, IRS agent, landscape architect, landscape engineer, lawmaker, lawyer, legislative attorney, manufacturer, master gardener, mathematical statistician, mathematician, mathematics teacher, musician, , mutual fund manager, nurse, occupational therapist, occupational claims investigator, office clerk, operations researcher, paramedic, parent, pediatric nurse, pediatrician, physical education administrators of boys and girls club, physical education advocate, physical education instructor, physical therapist, physician’s assistant, police, police dispatcher, police training academy instructor, policymaker, professor/administrator of collegiate/university education, psychiatrist, psychologist, public safety personnel, public works director, researcher, restaurant worker, revenue collector, scientist, secretary, social worker, sociologist, software engineer, stockbroker, systems manager, tax advisor, teacher of business and office procedures classes, teacher/administrator of elementary school education, teacher/administrator of middle school education, teacher/administrator of secondary school education, telecommunications & networking specialist, theater and entertainment worker, town official, transportation worker, urban planner, veterinary assistant, veterinarian, veterinary diagnostic pathologist, volunteer, youths sports coach, zookeeper.



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