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Welcome to the newest addition to the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development’s (DECD) website.


The Next Generation Careers Resource Connections web pages are designed to help teachers, guidance counselors, career specialists, and other career services providers and workforce development professionals make career exploration more accessible to students and adults.


Explore hundreds of Free Internet Resources for career exploration. Look inside The Toolbox for online resources to take interest surveys, identify possible career paths, locate possible training sites, colleges or universities, and begin the financial aid search. See What’s New for key announcements and events. Check out Biz Buzz for ideas on how to involve businesses, and get access to employment projections.  Discover fun and interesting lesson plans, templates and teaching aids at Classroom Materials. Keep up-to-date with happenings and “what works” through Programs and Opportunities.


DECD’s economic development mission is to improve the state’s long-term competitive position by diversifying the state’s economy, providing targeted strategic investments in key industries, and providing technical and financial business assistance to Connecticut’s businesses. 


The education/workforce pipeline is a critical component of the state’s economic success: A key factor in establishing our competitive position is preparing and making available a highly skilled and trained workforce.


The aim is to have more students graduate with the in-demand skills that both support Connecticut’s economic drivers and provide a tool-set of knowledge and values helpful to pursue productive and sustainable careers. To that end, it is critical for all school personnel to be well informed about Connecticut’s key economic drivers, new emerging industries and next generation careers, and the opportunities opening up to all who are prepared to work toward the future.


Armed with up-to-date information and useful career resources, teachers and guidance counselors are better equipped to effectively advise students and parents about making decisions, as well as planning and pursuing education, career goals, job interviews and employment.

DECD recognizes the need to collaborate with schools, other state agencies, organizations and businesses to reach our goals.


Originating from a 2007-2008 “Next Generation Careers Pilot Project” that had provided school administrators, teachers, counselors and career specialists the opportunity to learn about Advanced Manufacturing and Allied Health careers, these "Next Generation Careers Resource Connections" web pages now expand that effort to all 16 career clusters recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Labor, as well as the equivalent offices at the state level. Like the original pilot project, these web pages are targeted for schools to present new resources for expanding career exploration efforts, and are by and large equally applicable and accessible to the general population.


We invite you to visit Next Generation Careers Resource Connections pages often. Sign up for our e-alerts: You will be the first to know about new resources, opportunities and events. Please send us your comments and suggestions at 


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