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Arts, Audio-Visual Technology, and Communications

The Arts, A-V Technology, and Communications Career Cluster prepares students for careers in designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content including visual and performing arts and design, journalism, and entertainment services.    

12 Must-Read Tips for a Successful Career in the Art World

Advice from various featured artists.


Audio & Visual Archivist interview 

An interview with 15+ year archivist for the University of California, Los Angeles.

Sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, CareerOneStop provides a wealth of information and videos for careers and workforce skills. View over two dozen career videos in this cluster.

CareerOneStop – Explore Careers: Salary Finder  {NEW!}

Browse comparative wage/salary information available by occupation. Salary information comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics Program, a semi-annual survey that provides wage and employment statistics for the nation, each state, and sub-state regions. Sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. Department of Motor Vehicles Center for Teen Safe Driving

Sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, the student safe driving video contest encourages the state's young videographers to share their stuff. More than 300 students in 80 teams of participating schools competed in the 2009-2010 statewide challenge, each with a thoughtful 30-second public service announcement (PSA) on the perils of distracted driving.  Click here for all the winning entries and the finalists.'s article on skills and responsibilities, experience, working conditions, etc.  On this page is also an interview with Virgil Ierubino, a 25-year old marketing executive.
EdGate – Career Clusters   
A resource for other resources, students can look up careers related to journalism, broadcasting, graphic design, advertising, museums, and arts in the science fields.

Hack Your Wealth -- Amy Montalvo, ONEPASS Productions  

"Why a Yale graduate left broadcast journalism to start a video production company that has taken her traveling to Spain, Latin America, China, the Philippines, Africa, and more."


Handmade In America 

View the complete 20-minute film “Handmade In America” by Paul Lyzun at Vimeo.   Ppassword:  lorezfile .

How to Become a Grant Writer presents informative guidance and related articles on how to get into the field of grant writing, and includes free video on how to become a technical writer.

Job Corps success story: Music Industry Impresario Troy Carter 

Read this brief write up about Troy Carter’s beginnings when he obtained his GED through Job Corps in Maryland.

Jobs in the Arts 

This Dance/USA web page provides summaries of the areas of management where some jobs related to dance can be found, with sample responsibilities. For students exploring careers in the arts, check out the actual job posts as a nice way to see the range of actual jobs, and what type of experience is desired, and the places where careers can lead to.


Read about Connecticut's growing market for digital media jobs. by Westfair Communications.
O*NET OnLineArts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications   
This database lists some of the many occupations associated with each career cluster, providing summary information for each occupation regarding qualifications and education requirements, skills, abilities, job zones, common tasks and work activities, work values, work styles, interests, and related occupations.

Troy Carter discusses…

…The State of Entertainment And Technology. This TechCrunch web page has text and photos and video clips of an interview with renowned music manager and venture capitalist.

Independent filmmaker Paul Lyzun web page for interviews with professionals in the field. At this forum on videography and production video, Mr. Lyzun shares his thoughts, sometimes painful introspection, his work, and learning stuff.  A great introduction to would-be and current students on techniques, hardware, preproduction and postproduction, interviews, internship opportunities.

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