ConnDOT: Design-Build Frequently Asked Questions

Connecticut Department of Transportation

Design Build Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What is the status of the design build program?


Q. How many DB projects are planned?


Q. What is the anticipated advertising for the pilot project?


Q: How will the Design Build Team be Selected?


Q: Will stipends be given?


Q: Will Debriefing meetings be held?


Q: Will Alternative Technical Concepts be allowed?


Q: What will be the percentage of plan completion for the RFP documents?


Q. What is the anticipated Procurement Schedule?


Q. What level of detail will be provided to the DB teams?


Q. Will permits be obtained prior to procurement?


Q. Will Right-of-way be obtained prior to procurement?


Q. Will utilities be moved prior to procurement?


Q. Who is responsible for public involvement?


Q. Will teams be able to learn about and offer comments on the program?


Q. Will Joint Ventures (JV) be allowed?


Q. What Rules will apply to JVs?


Q. When will the D-B procurement start for the pilot project?


Q. How will the RFQ and RFP be advertised?


Q. Why is it taking so long to get the first project out?


Q. Where can I find out more information about the pilot project?


Q. Are there different rules for ethics and conflict of interest with D-B projects?


Q. What will be the certification requirements for the Quality Control staff?


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