ConnDOT: Division of Bridges

Division of Bridges 

Manages, directs, and coordinates all activities performed by the following Engineering Sections:  Bridge Design, Bridge CLE Design, Major Bridges, Bridge Safety and Evaluation, Hydraulics & Drainage, the Local Bridge Program, Alternative Project Delivery, and the Bridge Management unit.
Requests for additional information should be addressed to:
Manager of Bridges
Phone: (860) 594-3272
Administrative Assistant:  Maegan L.Senerth, Phone:(860) 594-2726 

Bridge Division Sections


Major Structures
{Photo of Project No. 92-532, New Haven, I-95 over the Quinnipiac River}
 Principal Engineer
 Phone: (860)594-3217
Principal Engineer   
Phone: (860)594-3402
  {I95 over Oil mill Road in Waterford}
Principal Engineer
Phone: (860)594-3208    
{New I-84 bridge being moved on SPMTs. Photo by ConnDOT.}
Al Garcia, P.E.
Supervising Engineer
Phone:(860) 594-3353
{Gold Star Bridge inspection}
Manager of Bridge Safety & Evaluation
Phone: (860)594-3156
Hydraulics & Drainage                                    
{Photo showing road damage due to erosion}                          
Principal Engineer
Phone: (860)594-3238 
{Photo showing road after repair}
     {Local Bridge Photo}
    Priti Bhardwaj, P.E.
    Supervising Engineer
    Phone:(860) 594-3311

Bridge Design Related Information


Bridge Design Manual - Customary Units (pdf 18.2 mb) 
Bridge Inspection Manual (pdf 22mb)
Projects (links to information on projects underway within the Bridge Division)
Highway Design Manual:  US Customary Units (pdf 19.7 mb) Metric Units (pdf 3.41 mb)
Bridge Standard Practices (including Accelerated Bridge Construction guidance)
Standard Drawings
STP-Urban/Rural Application (pdf 84 kb)
Engineering Information Resources
2007 Digital Design Environment
Note: Bridge inspection reports are available in ProjectWise.

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