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Fuel Control
Welcome to the Fuel Control Unit.  Fuel Control is responsible for ordering fuel for 62 DOT and 14 Other State Agency owned and operated fuel stations.  We currently purchase Unleaded and Diesel fuel.  Fuel Control also oversees administration of the FuelMaster Automated Fuel System used for dispensing fuel at all of the 76 fuel stations.     

{Gas Station}

Fuel Pro-kees must be kept with the vehicle ignition keys to allow multiple users to access fuel when required.   In addition, fuel pro-kees are required to be kept in a secure location.

Alert:  Fuel Pro-kees must be free from any and all debris.  Please be sure to check the fuel pro-keep for debris or damage before every use. 

Please Note: DOTís Fuel Control Unit has moved to a new location at 660 Brook Street, Rocky Hill 06067.  We can reached at 860-258-3036.

Please Note: CTDOT's Station 556-Middletown, Route 155 and Paddock Road is closed for fueling; this station will be closed until Summer 2018.  Please use Station 719-Middletown, Silver Street, (CT Valley Hospital) or refer to the Fuel Station Listing.   

Please Note: CTDOT's Station 560-Windsor, 345 Bloomfield Avenue will be closing the week of July 16th for fueling; this station will be closed until late Summer 2018.  Please use Station 542-Hartford or refer to the Fuel Station Listing.   
Please Note:  CTDOT's Station 572-Southington, 476 Mulberry Road is closed for fueling; this station is closed until further notice. Please use Station 1548-Meriden, Route 15, Miller Avenue or refer to the Fuel Station Listing.

OTHER STATE AGENCY - FuelMaster Unit Repairs only: E-mail DOT's Property and Facilities Services at ( ) or call 860-666-5174.   

Contact information for Fuel Control:
    Department of Transportation
    Bureau of Finance & Administration
    Fuel Control Unit
    660 Brook Street
    Rocky Hill, CT 06067       
    Telephone:  860-258-3036
    Fax:  860-258-1978
To download a free copy of the latest version of Acrobat Reader, select the icon below:
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Fuel Order Slip  (fillable-email PDF form)
Manual Entry Fuel Transaction (fillable PDF form)
Fuel Key Request - STATE VEHICLE  (fillable-email PDF form)
Fuel Key Request - LEASE VEHICLE (fillable-email PDF form)

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