ConnDOT: Traffic and Safety Engineering


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CTDOT's Safety unit is responsible to identify, investigate, and analyze projects and improvements that will enhance the safety of all road users through the Highway Safety Improvement Program which is an integral component of Connecticut's Strategic Highway Safety Plan.  This unit also responds to many requests from governmental agencies, CTDOT Staff, and others.

Requests for additional information should be addressed to:

Joseph P. Ouellette
State Safety Engineer
Phone: (860) 594-2721

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Safety Resources
Centerline Rumble Strips
Hawk Ped Signal
{Roundabouts}   {road surface textures}

  {Figure 1c - pedestrian (W11-2) sign with a downward diagonal arrow (W16-7P) supplemental plaque mounted below it. A rectangular rapid flashing beacon light bar is mounted between the sign and the plaque. The yellow rectangular indication on the left-hand side of the light bar is dark and the yellow rectangular indication on the right-hand side of the light bar is illuminated.}  


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Links to Additional Safety Resources

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