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Archived CAD Standards
The 2007 Digital Design Environment 
Supported by AEC Applications

 Consultants Set-Up (V8 and XM)
(zip 40 mb) This is the download .zip file that contains CTDOT's Projects and Workspaces Directories.  Within these files also contains all the necessary MicroStation and InRoads Resources (Cells, Level Names etc).

 Design Environment

 MicroStation Workflows (V8 and XM)
 InRoads 8.5 Workflows
 InRoads Guide
CTDOT InRoads XM Guide                                                                       
Summary of CAD Environment Changes (pdf 33 kb)  
07-26-11 - All V8i Workflows moved to Select Series DDE Page
12-17-09 - Provided WIP V8i Workflows, v8i Compatible DDE Zip File and Updated Title Sheets
08-10-09 - Updated CTDOT Contract Borders - Traffic Borders and Tags
04-29-09 - Updated CTDOT Contract Borders, Traffic Cells, and Survey Cells

Standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) Applications - Minimum

  • MicroStation V8 Version
  • InRoads Version Service Pack 4
  • Adobe Acrobat Version 8.0
  • Bentley XM Prerequisites
  • ProjectWise Plot Organizer
  • MicroStation V8i - Print Organizer - PDF Publishing

The 2007 DDE is a compilation of electronic files that configure a client computer or network of client computers to conform to CTDOT’s CAD Standards. The Standards allow the Department to progress toward fully digital deliverables, intermediate digital submissions, and electronic bidding of a digitally signed electronic bid package.      

On June 1, 2007, the Department issued new enterprise wide CAD Standards.  See attached memorandum “Contract Plan Standards(pdf 912 kb).  

Policy No. F&A-24 “Computer Aided Design, Survey and Roadway Design Software File Formats(pdf 25.4 kb), dated March 5, 2007, has been reissued.  The policy mandates design software standards. 

The 2007 DDE customizes the user’s off-the-shelf software installation to meet these standards.  This customization is done without affecting any previous configurations the user might have for other clients.  

The methods shown on this site are constantly evolving and are developed for productivity and project data confluence.  While comments and suggestions are welcomed, we do not have the resources to support Consultant Engineers for technical support of the standard software.  The Department will however support any issues with the DDE. 

At this time, there will be no change in project deliverables unless requested in writing by the Department. 

Policies and Memorandums

May 1, 2011
Digital Submissions of Final Contracts - Mylar Plans retired.  As of May 1, 2011 the Department will require the submission of Final Design Documents to conform to The Digital Project Development (DPD) Manual.  This will be in effect for projects advertised by the Connecticut Department of Transportation only.

June 1, 2007

The Department issued new enterprise wide CAD Standards.  See attached memorandum “Contract Plan Standards

March 5, 2007

Policy No. F&A-24 "Computer Aided Design, Survey, and Roadway Design Software File Formats" The policy mandates design software standards. 

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William S. Pratt, P.E. 
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