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Transportation Jeopardy


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Two great games to play - To download select below:
 Directions for Playing
Transportation Jeopardy

· Jeopardy is actually a PowerPoint presentation taking on game-like features. After you download the game, you will already be in the Slide Show.

· Divide the class either into two teams, or groups of teams. Have captains for each team that will decide which problem will be chosen.

· Just select the point value and it will take you to that question. Have the students answer the question in a given time. (We have found that about 10 seconds works well.) The point value should change color since it is a hyperlink. This will let you know that particular question has already been answered.

· There are two daily doubles in the game. These questions are worth double the points.

· After the given time period, just click anywhere on that slide and it will take you to the correct answer.

· Assign a scorekeeper. Sometimes it may be the teacher, if teams are even.

· To get back to the main page, just select the house in the lower right-hand corner.

· It is now the next team's turn. Just repeat the above steps.

· The team with the most points is declared the WINNER.

· The entire game can be played in a class period.