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   TRAC is the hands-on education program of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).  TRAC is made available to high schools and middle schools through ConnDOT.  At it's most basic level, TRAC is a program designed for integration into science, math, and social studies classes.
   By engaging students in solving real-world problems, TRAC connects kids to the work world of transportation.  And TRAC's specific focus of improving work force diversity helps resolve one of the most pressing problems faced by this profession: how to draw talented women and minorities into the field of transportation.
{Director Ralph Phillips}

   Connecticut TRAC is volunteer-driven, with the volunteers scheduling school visits and developing presentations themselves.  A unique concept of the program is that practicing engineers serve as professional resources to secondary schools.  Engineers as well as other transportation professionals are the TRAC volunteers who go into the classroom and work with TRAC Students and teachers.  TRAC volunteers help the students take what they learn in school and apply it to engineering and transportation, as well as answer questions about transportation careers and mentor the students in the hope of getting the students excited about the field of transportation.


How to get in touch with Connecticut TRAC Committee members.



Sharon Okoye, TRAC Committee

(860) 594-2146
Cheryl Griswold-Conrod,
TRAC Committee
(860) 585-2748