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Survey Operations is a section of the Department of Transportationís Office of Construction. There are five locations throughout the state that surveyors work from and where survey information is available. They are Central Surveys in the Newington Headquarters Building, District 1 in Rocky Hill, District 2 in Norwich, District 3 in New Haven, and District 4 in Thomaston. Surveying is comprised of boundary, geodetic, location/photogrammetry, and construction disciplines and are staffed by a cadre of Licensed Land Surveyors.

Survey Operations provide support for construction and design projects as well as providing mapping and surveying services for the Division of Rights of Way, Office of Maintenance, and the Bureaus of Policy & Planning and Public Transportation. The Departmentís Survey Offices also maintain Right of Way mapping for the Stateís highway boundaries, geodetic control points, and state and town line data, along with ancient highway and turnpike records.

Geodetic Control is available in every district and Central Surveys Office. Rights of Way maps are available in the town's survey district and in Central Surveys.

Geodetic Surveys - Responsible for overseeing all geodetic control and GPS Base Stations.

Location Surveys - Responsible for overseeing all location and traffic surveys, and all photogrammerty. All Consultant survey work is managed through this section.

Boundary/Right of Way Surveys - Responsible for the oversight and preparation of the State's highway boundary maps, Excess Property Release and Lease mapping.

Property Acquisition Mapping - Responsible for the oversight of all property acquisition mapping and project design/right of way coordination.


Robert J. Baron, P.L.S.
Manager of Survey Operations
Phone: (860) 594-2510
Fax: (860) 594-2678
Geodetic SurveysLocation SurveysBoundary / Right of Way SurveysProperty Acquisition Mapping
David Fox, P.L.S.
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 594-2518
Michael Coleman
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 594-2526
Christine Aubrey, P.L.S.
Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone: (860) 594-2514
Scott Elsdon
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 594-2520
Thomas J. Benoit, P.L.S.
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 594-2519


Alexander C. Holowaty, P.L.S.
Transportation Supervising Engineer
Phone: (860) 258-4576
Fax: (860) 258-4608
Location SurveysBoundary SurveysConstruction Surveys
Edward Szkoda
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 258-4578
Keith Coolbeth, P.L.S.
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 258-4592
Michael Wazer
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 258-4579


Charles La Chance, P.L.S.
Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone: (860) 823-3110
Fax: (860) 823-3111
Location SurveysConstruction Surveys
Arthur von Plachecki, P.L.S.
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 823-3280
David P. Bohara
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 823-3284


Edward Topar, P.L.S.
Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone: (203) 389-3110
Fax: (203) 389-3169
Location SurveysBoundary SurveysConstruction Surveys
Russell Carlson
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (203) 389-3109
Vincent Hanchuruck, P.L.S.
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (203) 389-3112
Frank Hamm, P.L.S.
Transportation Engineer 2
Phone: (203) 389-3119


Michael Zombar, P.L.S.
Transportation Supervising Engineer
Phone: (203) 591-3700
Fax: (203) 591-3730
Location SurveysBoundary SurveysConstruction Surveys
Patrick Smedick
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (203) 591-3709
Miguel Bosse, P.L.S.
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (203) 591-3703
Jeffery T. Drugan
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (203) 591-3706

Useful Documents and Links

Survey ManualsOther Useful Documents and Links
ConnDOT Major Traffic Generator and District Permit Mapping (PDF 630KB)
Connecticut Association of Land Surveyors
The Connecticut Coordinate System (PDF 1.8MB)
Federal Government Information Sources
Digital Mapping Symbols Specifications for Survey and Photogrammetry (PDF 4.3MB)
History of Milestone Markers (PDF 1.1MB)
Grid and Elevation Factors (PDF 777KB)
National Geodectic Survey (NGS)
Location Manual (PDF 3.3MB)
Range Calibration Line Information

State Line Perambulation
Railroad Mapping Index (PDF 22KB)
Willimantic Railroad Right of Way Mapping - Section 1 (PDF 16.2 MB)
Specifications for Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry (PDF 1.2MB)
Willimantic Railroad Right of Way Mapping - Section 2 (PDF 37.1 MB)
Specifications for Checking Photogrammetric Mapping (PDF 504KB)
Bing Maps for Aerial Photography
State Tables of Magnetic Declination (PDF 173KB)Google Earth for Aerial Photography
TopoZone for Quadrangle Sheets