ConnDOT: Engineering Information Resources

Engineering and Construction Information Resources
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Specifications and Standards

Form 816/Form 817 (Standard Specifications) with Supplements


Standard Drawings


Plans, Policies, Regulations 

Connecticut Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan 


Connecticut State Rail Plan


Locally Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plan


Long Range Transportation Plan


Strategic Highway Safety Plan


Transportation Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan


Consultant Engineer’s General Memoranda


Procedure Manual for New or Revised Interstate Access Approval in Connecticut


Policy and Procedures for Property Maps


Public Service Facility Policy and Procedures for Highways


Office of State Traffic Administration Regulations


Environmental Review Request (ECPPD-2017-1) 


Engineering & Construction - Policy & Planning Directives

Assignment of Coordinated Environmental Roles (ECPPD-2017-2)


Expedited Permit Need Determination Form (PNDF) Process for Projects (2017-1)


Engineering & Construction - Policy & Planning Bulletins

Interagency Coordination Meeting Guidance (ECPPB-2017-1)  


Engineering and Construction Directives 

Framework for Guidance and Direction (2015-1-EC)


Consulting Engineer Staff Wage Rate Changes Cost Plus Fixed Fee Agreement (2015-2-EC)


Standard Specifications Committee and Specifications (2015-3-EC)


Alternative Project Delivery Advisory Committee (2015-4-EC)


Release of CAD Files (2015-5-EC) SUPERCEDED BY Electronic Engineering Data Delivery, Phase 1 (ECD-2017-4)  


Proprietary Products in Construction Contracts (ECD-2016-1)


Plans-In-Hand Review (ECD-2016-2)


Online Stormwater Discharge Permit Registration System (ECD-2016-3)


Coding FHWA Participating and Non-Participating Costs (ECD-2016-4)


Minimum Daily Liquidated Damage Rates (ECD-2016-5) Superseded


Design Issue Procedure (ECD-2016-6)


Construction Contract Time Determination (ECD-2016-7)


Delegation of Authority (ECD-2016-8)


Use of All-Inclusive Drainage Items in Contract (ECD-2017-1)


Implementation of Smart Work Zones Guide (ECD-2017-2) 


Conversion to Digital Contractor Submissions (ECD-2017-3)


Electronic Engineering Data Delivery, Phase 1 (ECD-2017-4)  


Emergency Declaration Procedures  (ECD-2018-1) 


Penetrating Sealer Protective Compound (ECD-2018-2)


Revised Minimum Daily Liquidated Damage Rates (ECD-2019-1)


Revised Consulting Engineer Staff Wage Rate Changes (ECD-2019-2)




Bridge Design Standard Practice for Low Permeability Concrete, Revised Concrete Mix Classes,

and  New Pay Items for Cast-In-Place Concrete Bridge Components (ECD-2019-4)


Engineering and Construction Bulletins

Mileage Reimbursement Rate (ECB-2016-1)


Revised Special Provisions, Construction Field Office/Furnishings and Equipment  (ECB-2016-2)


Implementation of Standard Specifications, Form 817 (ECB-2016-3)


Cost of Living Adjustments - Cost Plus Fixed Fee Consulting Engineer Agreements (ECB-2016-4) Superseded


Buy America Clarification and Guidance (ECB-2016-5)


Bituminous Concrete Specifications, Sections 4.06 and M.04 (ECB-2016-6) Superseded


Revised Special Provision Control and Removal of Invasive Vegetation (ECB-2017-1)    


Membership Change, Alternative Project Delivery Advisory Committee (ECB-2017-3)


Channel Bottom Material Updates (ECB-2017-4)


Owned Special Provisions Sections 6.03 (Structural Steel) and M.06 (Metals) (ECB-2018-1)


New and Revised Interstate Access Approval (ECB-2018-2)     


Electronic Engineering Data Delivery Extended Goal (ECB-2018-3)  


Equipment Watch Access (ECB-2018-4)     


Incidental Cost Percentages (2018) (ECB-2018-5)     


Update of Stewardship Implementation Manual (May 2018) (ECB-2018-6) 


Revised Bituminous Concrete Specifications, Sections 4.06 and M.04 (ECB-2018-7)


Public Involvement for FHWA Categorical Exclusion Projects Quick Reference Guide (ECB-2018-8) (Updated 01/02/2019)


Requirements for use of Digger Derricks (ECB-2019-1)


Review Process for Preliminary Permit Plan Sets (ECB-2019-2)


Engineering Directives

Development, Approval, and Use of Standard Sheets and Guide Sheets/Details (2015-1-E)


Revised Standard Sheets Issued (2015-2-E)


Revised Traffic Engineering Guide Sheets Available (2015-3-E)


Digital Review of Design Submissions (2015-4-E)


Use of "Safety and Public Convenience" Special Provision (2015-5-E)


State Funded Municipal Projects, Requirements for Right of Way Acquisitions (2015-6-E)


Use of "PDF Checker" Software (2015-7-E)


Design Phase Scheduling (2015-8-E)


Employee Expectations Meeting (ED-2016-1) SUPERCEDED BY Employee Expectations Meeting (2018 Update) (ED-2018-2)


Advertising-Phase Activities (ED-2016-2)


Type D Portable Impact Attenuation System (ED-2016-3)


DBE Participation in Engineering Agreements (ED-2016-4)


Employee Time Record Keeping and Project Billings (ED-2016-5)


Consultant Design Administration Manual (ED-2016-6)   


MASH Implementation:  Additional Information, Phase One (ED-2017-1)  


Storing Engineering Project Documents in Projectwise (ED-2017-2)  


Consolidating Contract Plan Discipline Subsets (ED-2018-1)  


Employee Expectations Meeting (2018 Update) (ED-2018-2)


Revised Connecticut Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel Needs Assessment Form (ED-2018-3)


Fencing at Bridges (ED-2018-4)


Project Cost Estimates (ED-2019-5)

Engineering Bulletins

Revised Traffic Engineering Standard Sheets Issued (EB-2015-1)


Precipitation Frequency Estimates (EB-2015-2)


2016 Cost Estimating Guidelines (EB-2016-1)


Fiscal Year 2017 Local Bridge Program Manual (EB-2016-2) Superseded


Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) Guidelines (EB-2016-3)


Availability and Use of Bridge Load Rating Manual (EB-2016-4)


Change in Cutoff Time for Submitting Pre-Bid Questions through Web Page (EB-2016-5)


Update of Design-Phase Schedule Template (EB-2016-6)


Superpave Traffic Level Information in Contract Documents (EB-2016-7)


Revisions to the Bridge Inspection Manual (EB-2016-8)


2017 Cost Estimating Guidelines (EB-2017-1)


Revisions to Bridge Inspection Manual (May 2017) (EB-2017-2)


Interim Guidance:  MASH Implementation, Roadside Barriers (EB-2017-3)


Revised Highway Standard Sheets Issued (June 2017) (EB-2017-4)


Revised Traffic Sheets Issued (June 2017) (EB-2017-5)    


Accelerated Bridge Construction Decision Matrix (EB-2017-6)  


Information Requirements, Environmental Compliance Task 100 Reports (EB-2018-1)     


Revised Bridge Load Rating Manual (EB-2018-2)


Revised Traffic Guide Sheets (EB-2018-3)


Revised Traffic Standard Sheets Issued (EB-2018-4)


Process for Obtaining a Waiver of Right-Of-Way (ROW) Activities (EB-2018-5)


Revised Highway Standard & Guide Sheets Issued (EB-2019-1)


Revisions to Bridge Inspection Manual (EB-2019-2)




April 2019 Local Bridge Program Manual (EB-2019-4)


Notice to Contractor Pre-Bid Site Visit - Metro North (EB-2019-5)


Revised Bridge Design Manual (EB-2019-6)


Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) Guidelines (EB-2019-7)

Revised Highway Standard & Guide Sheets Issued (EB-2019-8)

Construction Directives

Construction Procedure for Internal use of Electronic Signatures (CD-2016-1)


Work Zone Safety, Rolling Road Block Procedure (CD-2016-2)


Reporting on Project Milestones and Key Dates (CD-2016-3)


Task-Based Consultant Services, Construction Engineering Inspection (CD-2016-4)


Construction Division Use of Projectwise for Storage of Project Documents (CD-2016-5)


Project Summary Reports (CD-2016-6)


Construction Employee Time Record Keeping and Project Billings (CD-2017-1)


Construction Manual Update/Version 3.0 January 2017 (CD-2017-2)


Revised Contractor Performance Evaluation Form and Guide (2017) (CD-2017-3)


Construction Engineering and Inspection Pamphlet for Consultant Engineers, Feb. 2017 Edition (CD-2017-4)


Revised Construction Order Processing and Documentation Requirements for FTA-Funded Projects (CD-2017-5) 


Project Modifications and Contingency Management (CD-2017-6)    


ProjectWise Credential Requests for Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) Consultants (CD-2017-7)  


Consultant Solicitation Request for the Office of Construction (CD-2017-8)     


Policies and Procedures for the Acquisition and Management of CTDOT-Purchased Computing Devices (CD-2017-9)     


Construction Division Procedures for the Use of Electronic and Digital Signatures (CD-2017-10)    


Overtime Use and Approval (CD-2018-1)  


Construction Division Procedures for the Use of Electronic and Digital Signatures (CD-2018-2)  

Storage of Project Related Documents in ProjectWise (CD-2019-1)


Construction Bulletins

Revisions to Extension of Time Approval Memorandum (CB-2016-1)


eConstruction (CB-2016-2)


Field Office Device Order Form and Field Office Date line Setup Form (CB-2016-3)


2015 OOC Performance Record (CB-2016-4)


Revised Construction Site Environmental Inspection Report (CB-2016-5)


Guidance for the Visual Inspection of Foreign Steel (CB-2017-1)   


New CLA-12 - Request to Subcontract Form (Rev 07-2018)  (CB-2018-1)


Post Construction Reviews (PCRs) – Updated Guidance (CB-2018-2)


New Non-Compliance/Compliance Notice Form (CB-2019-1)



Bridge Design Manual


Bridge Inspection Manual


Bridge Load Rating Manual


Construction Contract Bidding & Award Manual


Consultant Design Administration Manual


Digital Project Development Manual


Drainage Manual


Geotechnical Manual


Highway Design Manual


Local Bridge Program Manual


Location Survey Manual


Professional Services, Consultant Selection Procedures Manual


Public Involvement Guidance Manual


Stormwater Quality Manual


Traffic Control Signal Design Manual


Utility Accommodation Manual



Constructability Review Program


Cost Estimating Guidelines


Digital Design Environment Guide


Guidelines, Advertising-Phase Activities


Guidelines for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control


Guidelines for the Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP)


SELECTSeries Digital Design Environment


Price Adjustment (Asphalt, Fuel) Guidance


Programmatic Agreement for Certain Categorical Exclusions and Fact Sheet rev. September 2015


Project Development Guide


Public Involvement Procedures


Value Engineering Program


Public Involvement for FHWA Categorical Exclusions Quick Reference Guide


Review Process for Preliminary Permit Plan Sets


Owned Special Provision Guidance Document Contractor Quality Control Program


Quality Management Plan (QMP) Template



Other Information

AASHTOWare Product information


Collision Analysis System Reports


Connecticut Coordinate System


Consulting Engineer General Memoranda


Department District Boundaries (Map)


Functional Classification Maps


Highway Log


Maps (Transportation Related)


National Highway System (Connecticut) Map


Pavement-related Documents


Performance Measures (Department)


Posted Speeds, Town Roads


Qualified Product List


Roadside Safety


Specifications for Aerial Photography and Photogrammetric Mapping


Stewardship Agreement (Joint Stewardship & Oversight Agreement)


Traffic Engineering Special Provisions


Traffic Log (Volumes on State Maintained Highway Network)