ConnDOT: Roundabout Improvements at Route 80 & 81,Town of Killingworth




FOR RELEASE:August 13 , 2008
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            The Connecticut Department of Transportation is in the process of upgrading the existing traffic circle at Routes 80 and 81 in the Town of Killingworth to a modern roundabout in the interest of improving safety.  The resulting roundabout is expected to result in lower speeds and reduced accidents.


            A public information meeting was held in October of 2006 concerning the upgrade, where strong support was received for the proposed improvements.  Major construction is expected to be complete by the end of August, with only the landscaping remaining to be installed. The $1.1 million project is being done by Hammonasset Construction.


            Upgrading the existing traffic circle to a modern roundabout includes: realigning the southern approach of Route 80, adding raised islands on all the approaches, narrowing the circular roadway, revising the cross-slope of the circular roadway, adding “truck aprons”, and improving lighting.   These changes will help to better channel traffic, reduce speeds, and improve safety.  The roundabout has been designed such that motorists will be required to reduce their speed to about 15 mph through the intersection.   Previously, the existing intersection had very wide pavement and skewed geometry that allowed traffic to circulate and pass through the intersection at much higher speeds, which increased the potential for accidents and injuries.


            The narrower pavement and curvature will still provide access for larger vehicles such as trucks, buses and emergency equipment.  The brick colored and textured concrete truck aprons on the north and south corners of the intersection and around the circular island are designed to be driven on by larger vehicles while also giving the appearance of reduced pavement width for passenger cars,  resulting in lower speeds.  The central truck apron is designed for the rear wheels of a large vehicle to ride on as it circulates through the intersection.  The truck aprons on the north and south corners are designed to accommodate large vehicles making right turns from Route 81 to 80.  A curb height of 1.5 inches and a painted edge line will delineate the paved roadway for passenger cars from the concrete truck apron.


            Designs similar to the modern roundabout being constructed in Killingworth are becoming very popular across the country and around the world.  When constructed in appropriate locations, they can lead to more efficient operation, reduced speeds and safety benefits.  They are often preferred to a traditional traffic signal, where cars are left idling in line, waiting for their turn to pass through the intersection.  The lower speeds associated with modern roundabouts can result in fewer accidents and injuries compared to conventional intersections.




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