ConnDOT: Connecticut Department of Transportation to Hold Public Hearings on Rail and Bus Fare Increases

FOR RELEASE: July 9, 2009
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Connecticut Department of Transportation to Hold Public Hearings on Rail and Bus Fare Increases
The Connecticut Department of Transportation will hold public hearings in July and August in nine communities to receive comments on a proposed 11.4% rail fare increase and 40% increase for CTTRANSIT bus, express commuter bus and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit services.

Fares were last raised for rail and bus service in January, 2005. These fare increases are part of Governor Rell’s May 28, 2009, budget proposal. Rail fare increases would take effect on or after October 1, 2009 and bus fare increases would take effect on or after January 3, 2010. (Under the Governor’s budget, rail fares would increase 10% on or after October 1 and another 1.25% that has been previously signed into law, for an effective net increase of 11.4%.)

The date, time and location for the public hearings are as follows:


TOWN           DATE                      TIME             PLACE

Stamford       Tues., July 21          12:00 Noon  Seminar Room, 2nd Floor

(BUS AND RAIL)                                            Senior Center                                            

                                                                 Stamford Government Center

                                                                 888 Washington Boulevard,




                                                6:00 PM      Cafeteria,

                                                                 Stamford Government Center

                                                                 888 Washington Boulevard




New Haven    Wed., July 22           12:00 Noon   Meeting Room 1, 2nd Floor

(BUS AND RAIL)                                              New Haven City Hall

                                                                   165 Church Street

                                                                   New Haven



                                                6:00 PM        Hall of Records, Room G-2

                                                                   200 Orange Street

                                                                   New Haven


Clinton          Thurs., July 23           6:00 PM       Clinton Town Hall Auditorium

(RAIL ONLY)                                                   54 East Main Street




Waterbury     Wed., July 29           3:00 PM       Mattatuck Museum

(BUS ONLY)                                                  144 West Main Street




Wallingford     Thurs., July 30         12:00 Noon   Wallingford Town Hall, Room 315

(BUS ONLY)                                                   45 South Main Street




Meriden         Thurs., July 30           3:00 PM      Meriden Town Hall

(BUS ONLY)                                                   City Council Chambers

                                                                   2nd Floor Room 206

                                                                   142 East Main Street,




Bristol           Tues., August 4        12:00 Noon   Bristol City Hall

(BUS ONLY)                                                  1st Floor Meeting Room

                                                                  111 North Main Street




New Britain    Tues., August 4        4:00 PM       New Britain Town Hall, Room 201

(BUS ONLY)                                                   27 West Main Street

                                                                   New Britain



Hartford        Wed., August 5          12:00 Noon   Hartford Public Library

(BUS ONLY)                                & 4:30 PM      500 Main Street, X Room




The hearings will address two issues regarding rail fares. First, Section 13b-78m of the Connecticut General Statutes requires the Commissioner of Transportation to determine the method by which daily, multiple-ride, weekly, and monthly commutation tickets shall be calculated for fare increases mandated under that statute.  These hearings will allow the public to comment on proposed changes to the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies which would make that determination. Second, the hearings will allow the public to comment on the additional proposed 11.4% rail fare increase.


The proposed new bus fares would affect local bus systems serving the areas of Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury, New Britain, Meriden, Bristol and Wallingford. ADA paratransit fares for these same areas would also be increased by forty percent, as would fares on express commuter bus services to the Hartford area and for the I-BUS Stamford to White Plains express. Combined, these bus systems serve over 28.5 million passengers per year.


The base local bus fare is proposed to go from $1.25 to $1.75. The senior and disabled fare would increase from $.60 to $.85, and the ADA paratransit fare would go from $2.50 to $3.50. The express bus and discounted multi-ride passes would also increase by a similar percentage.


Fares pay for approximately 69.4% of the cost for operating New Haven Line rail service, 12.5% of the Shore Line East rail service, 25% of CTTRANSIT local and express bus service, and 5.9% of the ADA paratransit service. The state pays for the remaining $73 million annual operating deficit for New Haven Line and Shore Line East rail services and $97.3 million annually for bus and ADA paratransit services.


In addition to the public hearings, a website ( and email address ( have been set up to provide additional information and give the opportunity to comment on the proposals. Comments on the proposed fare increases may also be submitted by regular mail postmarked on or before August 7, 2009 to: Bureau of Public Transportation, 2800 Berlin Turnpike, P.O. Box 317546, Newington, CT  06131-7546. The caption “COMMENT ON INTENT TO ADOPT PUBLIC TRANSIT BUS FARES” or “RAIL FARE COMMENTS” must appear on the envelope.